PSA for Single Gals Everywhere (maybe a few married ones, too)

With the terrific and terrifying “V Day” upon us later this week (and you can take your pick as to which category it falls into), I thought it appropriate to highlight the book I just finished reading: Manslations: Decoding the Secret Language of Men. Manslations is written by none other than fellow blogger/comedian/actor and all around good (but admits to occasionally having done some of the same doofy guy things he writes about) guy, The Manslator, Jeff Mac.

What I like about Jeff’s book — and Jeff — is his humor and honesty in everything he writes. His Golden Rule and its supporting points to understanding the man/men you’re dating and/or with long-term are straightforward and effective. I mean, if I had actually followed the Golden Rule of “Whenever there is a conflict between what a man says and what he does, always, always ignore what he says,” I would have saved myself so much heartbreak over the years. So much agonizing over what “it” all means. So much friggin’ wasted time pining over men who really just weren’t into our relationship (or me) as much as they claimed to be.

And, let me tell you, as a hopeful, honest person with a big heart, I wanted so much to believe what they said. (Ooh – and I’ve heard some sweet talk.) So much so that I overlooked practically every behavioral clue smacking me in the face.



While there are elements similar to the book, He’s Just Not That Into You, which I’ve also read, Jeff manslates into broader areas: from debunking common myths about the way most men think, to securing, prepping and debriefing a first date, to understanding how to approach men for serious talks, to gift giving and surviving the holidays with your man, to why the heck your significant other is still obsessed with shooting zombies at the age of [INSERT ANY AGE OVER 15 HERE].

Let me pause here and note that I spent a recent Saturday night watching college hoops with FlyBoy and his guy friends, and THEN was introduced to the zombie-shooting game of Left4Dead. And…I liked it. I believe this might lead to my induction into “The Best Girlfriend Ever” Hall of Fame. Thank you.

Anyhoo, for a peak into Jeff’s humor and style, take a look at how he helped me — yes, me! — manslate if men are initimated by women who can hold their own (note my awesome biceps in the photo) and what it means when men express their feelings to a woman…or, in my case, why men seemed to like to dump their crazy shit on me.

Oh, and then do yourself and the women you love a favor — buy the book.