Navigating and Negotiating in Single Parentland

Right before I left for my trip last week I was pleased to learn that Modern Single Momma, founder of iheartsingle parents*, had named me one of her picks for single parent bloggers “to watch.” (Not in a creepy way, though; just because she likes our stuff.) I can’t believe I’m in such great company — truly. Thanks, MSM!

Speaking of single parenting, this month at the Imperfect Parent I write about the art of negotiation when you’re on your own. Check it out and let me know, you mahvelous single parents, you – how do you negotiate for the things most important to you and your kids?


I do, take two

Many of my friends (including some of my best single parent pals and readers) have asked how I’m handling this whole getting remarried situation. Well, I’m so glad you asked. Or that some of you asked.

I swear someone asked me…or did I imagine it?

Never mind — I’m a-gonna tell you anyway in this month’s Dinner for One at The Imperfect Parent. I reveal more about breaking the news to my kids and what it’s like to be in wedding planning mode a second time around. I’m happy to say: so far, so good!

Read all about it before you get sidetracked with listening to Mominatrix’s Radio spot on Christian sex toys. Or at least go back and read my article afterward. Please?  😉

Holiday Traditions and Tips, Single Parent Style

Five years ago I bought my first gingerbread house kit, an impulse purchase for the kids and I to do in celebration of our first Christmas in our new house. I was strangely excited about it — until I couldn’t get the icing to thicken well enough, or the walls to stand straight, and saw the horribly decorated, lopsided and OSHA-challenged monster we ended up creating. Where was the cute house shown on the box?!

I hated it and tossed it as soon as Christmas was over. I don’t even think I could bring myself to take a photo of it or I’d show you.

The kids, on the other hand, loved making that stupid thing. Loved it so much they asked to make another one the next year. The next December I lowered my expectations (to nil) and used a few tricks I had learned since the condemned housing project of ’03. The house came out better and I recall I got it to stand straight(er). The next few years brought more experience and more experimentation, yielding better results like the one in the photo above from ’06.

We’ve been making imperfect, crazy-looking gingerbread houses each December and I guess it’s become something of a tradition for the 3 of us…exactly the kind of thing I suggest for single parents in this month’s Imperfect Parent column. Reminisce with me about my early holiday expectations and let me know what’s worked — and hasn’t worked — for your family.

(Did you see my gingerbread house this year? 😉 )

Calling all imperfect parents!

(Hint: That would be all of you parents.)

If you haven’t checked out The Imperfect Parent yet, now is the time. It’s one of my favorite parenting sites because it doesn’t shy away from today’s issues but never loses its sense of humor. As the site’s creators describe, "The Imperfect Parent is an online magazine for parents who want to exercise their mind and read more than articles about diaper rash." Amen to that.

Here’s one more reason for you to stop by:

Dinner for One — my new monthly column on divorce and single parenting!

Yeah, they asked me to be a columnist! And so I did…am…will be. This month: my take on Hollywood’s single moms (and a few dads), especially those on Sunday night TV.

Please check out the site for insightful articles and posts on everything from the funny side of parenting (personal fav: Ask the Angry Baby) to child advocacy to politics to raising special children with special needs to same-sex parents to sex and relationship advice for tired moms and dads. (Amen to you, Mominatrix!)

Now go wash up for dinner and enjoy.