A pre-Christmas poem

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house,

Susan was crabby and acting like a louse.

She should have been happy, filled with spirit and joy,

But she felt tired and sniffly with feelings of oy!

She decided to stop! and take stock of her days,

Only to realize with wonder the err of her ways.

After all…

Band concerts were finished and cards in the mail,

No letter included? So sorry, oh, well.

Baking kits delivered to 20 deserving families –

Now, that’s the kind of giving that makes Susan’s heart happy.

Tomorrow, a family birthday dinner; Friday night, shopping.

Tonight, a taekwondo test –

Watch out, stupid shoppers! Susan knows knife-hand chopping!

Actually, things are pretty good at this busy time of year

When you keep it in perspective and remember those we hold dear.

The End (…of this poem and my career as a poet.)