The Cast

SUSAN COURTAD can be found playing any number of roles during her performances, including:

GOOD MAMA/BAD MAMA– A mother attempting to nurture, teach, and discipline her children with a smile and minimal yelling. Regularly contributes to college education funds and therapy savings accounts for each child. Sometimes finds herself hiding in her closet, but always loves a good laugh and hugs from her kids.

LOVE GODDESS-IN-TRAINING – The hopeless romantic with a feisty, feminist edge who, for six years, aspired to be more than a Take-a-Tylenol-and-Wonder-Why-the-Hell-Dating-Hasn’t-Improved-in-20-Years kind of woman. Likes her alone time and herself, but darned if she didn’t keep jumping into the murky waters of online dating, speed dating, and blind dates before meeting the man of her dreams. We didn’t say she was smart.

NIGHT WRITER – A woman with a passion for creating characters and lives more interesting than her own, especially when fueled by excessive amounts of caffeine during the hours in which she should be sleeping. Writes humor essays and often forgets that blogging about her life is a sure way to embarrass her kids someday. Is currently pitching her first novel to literary agents. Did she mention she just loves literary agents?

HOME WRECKER – Incredibly thickheaded, this character likes to decorate and try DIY projects around the house without having the appropriate skills or comprehending what those poorly-drawn instructional diagrams really mean. Regularly deludes herself into thinking there are things like “controlled painting” without a drop cloth, or that she can find the center of anything by eyeballing the space.

Performances include special appearances by:

DRAMA GIRL– The sensitive daughter with a creative spirit and penchant for her beloved pink Nintendo DS, the horribly long High School Musical series, the triumph of good over evil and happy endings. Tends to perform with high-pitched shrieks, wild dance moves, operatic songs and cheers. Her mother is convinced that the teenage years will be a piece of cake.

T-REX– The goofy, lovable son who was once convinced that living in the prehistoric age must have been way cooler than modern day – except for the no Happy Meals, Oreos, Pokemon, his blanket or the verbal and cognitive abilities to tell knock-knock jokes. (Additionally, no Nintendo DS would bite, big time.) Often uses phrases he learns from other young dinosaurs like “Uh-huh, uh-huh, shake your booty” or “Awesome, dude!”

J./FLYBOY The man who won Susan’s heart…and not just because he actually agreed to jump out of a plane with her on their fourth or fifth date. (For fun, people, fun — not under duress!) She thinks he liked it so much (or lost enough brain cells in flight) that he decided to marry her. Note that the nuptials will happen on terra firma.

THE EX – Her Ex-Husband. Duh.


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