About One-Woman Show

Susan LinkedInMany years ago I received a juggling kit from a man I met during my post-divorce dating days. He gave me the gift as a joke, to help me overcome my self-described klutziness. Sadly, the juggling kit didn’t work…and, coincidence or not, neither did we.

But it gave me an idea.

I began One-Woman Show as a way to share my tales of juggling in other ways — as a working mother, hopeful writer, sometime DIYer — even as a modern woman who by some small miracle (and stubborness) navigated her way through the strangely modern dating world. Two years later, I put OWS to pursue life’s happy twists and turns offlineYou can read my farewell post, along with my personal favorites, right here, or select a topic from the archives below.

Juggling BallsFor more recent happenings, please also check out The Next Stage blog on the home page. You can’t miss me: I’m the one still chasing those damn juggling balls across the stage.


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