Thursday Thanks: for a “tune up”

T-Rex, my son, chose to play the oboe last year in his first year of band so he could sound like a snake charmer. (A handy skill to have in certain Indiana Jonesey situations, I imagine.) However, somewhere between September and May he realized that 1) the oboe is hard to play especially when 2) you don’t feel much like practicing.

Oh, and 3) that you start out souding more like a bleating, squeeking farm animal than a snake charmer.

This year T-Rex asked if he could try another instrument. As a music lover and former band geek, I was glad to hear he still wanted to participate, so I said “sure, what is it you want to play?”

“Something easier than the oboe,” he said, “like the cello.”

The cello.

Squeeky charmer to Yo-Yo Ma. Oy vey.


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