Thankful Thursday: For America’s Pastime

First Pitch Pirates Game 012This edition of Thankful Thursday (on Friday) is about baseball — specifically, the Pittsburgh Pirates (Go Bucs!) and my dad. See, he won a prize drawing and got to throw out the honorary first pitch at Wednesday night’s game. We feared the game would be delayed because of rain, but it was a go.

20130828_190001Joe was set to catch (backed up by the Parrot mascot), but he didn’t really get the chance because, well, let’s just say it wasn’t my dad’s best pitch — which is a shame because he knows how to. (Many, many moons ago the Boston Red Sox asked him to try out for their minor league team!) Dad didn’t seem to mind much, though. After the hoopla of being on the field and near the players, we got to hang out in a luxury suite and watch the Buccos beat the Brewers.

Like the pitch, it was a fun and wild experience!

First pitch night



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