Summer has officially begun

Hello, friends! Are you enjoying the summer? I am…when I’m not working hard at indoor extracurricular activities — like writing. Yes, writing! (What, you thought I was talking about something more fun?)

I’ve been out of touch because I’ve been pounding the keys these last few weeks. Have I been crafting Pulitzer Prize-winning stories? A new novel? Screenplays exposing the destruction of the environment by corporations, secret/not secret government survellience programs, or the vain and nonsensical trend of celebrities making up stupid baby names just because they can?




Actually I wrote a 900+ word essay about dating — yes, dating and meeting my husband — to submit for publication in an anthology (about dating) with about the same speed as I can muster to read a book. That is, not fast, about 30 words per night. Let’s just say that, despite the light subject matter, I’m a little rusty at the whole writing thing. The good news is that I finished and submitted it and can go back to working during my lunch hour rather than trying to squeeze in other things…at least until I start drafting my children’s book. Wahaha.

On an entirely unrelated note, I have managed to get out in the evenings for walks with the family or bike riding. A few days ago Joe and I rode along the North Shore of Pittsburgh. All was well until I looked behind us and saw that the crystal blue sky had become a very, very ominous shade of gray. We were nowhere near our cars, so we rode harder to try and beat the storm. At one point we passed a guy walking on the path, who shouted melodramatically to me, “The storm is coming!” I shouted back, “I KNOOWWWW!” and pedaled even faster. It was like I was biking for my life with that annoying music from the Wizard of Oz playing in my head.


In the end we arrived at our cars, hooked the bikes up on the bike rack, and moved his truck and my car under a bridge safe and sound. Joe said he’d never seen me bike so fast. Maybe I need to add severe weather simulation to my exercise regimen?


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