Paper or plastic?

You might have guessed by now I’m a bit old school when it comes to technology and tech trends in my personal life. Still no smart phone, no iPads in sight, one laptop for the whole family, a Wii that’s 3 years behind (do they make Wii’s anymore?), 6th- or 7th- generation iPod nanos for the kids and a 1st- or 2nd-generation iPod for me. I don’t use it much, but wow. That is old.

I also like to read…actual books! Yes, books and magazines of paper! My daughter has a Nook and the son wants a Kindle. Me? I just love curling up in my comfy leather chair with a good helping of pulp fiction and wood pulp. A colleague forwarded this to me today and you can decide. Are you more paper or plastic? Emma or no?

 (Ironically, I work in digital marketing. I do get it. I just choose it for people other than me.)


3 thoughts on “Paper or plastic?

  1. Susan, it’s so great to see you here again!
    I LOVE the feeling of cuddling up with a book… and was prepared to dislike the Kindle. But I have to say, I’m all over it. I love being able to highlight passages, and to read at night in bed without waking the baby by turning on a light.

  2. I still like a paper book, but it’s so very convenient to buy books on my Kindle app and be able to read them right away — no going out to a store, no wait for it to be delivered by UPS. And I can read them on my iPad or my phone, so if I’m stuck waiting somewhere I can pick up reading where I left off, no matter which device I left off on. Nifty.

    But how in the world can you get by without a smartphone? My life changed dramatically for the better when the map apps on smartphones got better. I used to get so stressed any time I had an appointment in a new place, it would keep me up the night before and I’d print out directions and maps, and I’d still get lost. Now my phone tells me “in 1000 feet, your destination will be on the right” — it’s magical!

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