“Married single mom”? I don’t think so.

I just stumbled upon this article, The rise of the ‘married single mom’. It immediately took me back to one of my kid’s open house nights, many years ago, when I overheard a woman complaining about how hard it was while her husband was away on business. “I’m a single mom!” she bemoaned to her friend. At the time, I was an actual single mom with no husband at home or away. I was furious inside…furious even though I was one of the very fortunate single moms who shared custody and most parenting duties with my ex.

I understand it’s stressful if a spouse isn’t around for long stretches of time. I get that. (In particular, I have a ton of respect for military spouses.) But…if you’re married and tempted to call yourself a single mom, please don’t. You’re not.


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