I just finished lamenting to my husband that my one-meeting-workday has not panned out like I thought. Days with no or low meetings are rare, so I had high hopes for today — sure, I thought I could get some actual work done, but more for how I was gonna squeeze in a little extra stuff. I guess I had REALLY high hopes for those 3 minutes while my PC booted up and my lunch hour because this is what I packed in my tote bag this morning:

1.  Sewing supplies in a small plastic baggie and the decorative snowflake pillow cover that I made, on which I am now hand-sewing buttons to form the shape of a snowflake in one corner.

2.  My Ssahng Jeol Bong – aka foam-covered nunchucks – to practice my weapons form in my office.

3.  A catalog to peruse for a new comforter or bedspread for the bed in our repainted guest room.

4.  Folder full of miscellaneous papers and notes that I would characterize as “projects in process”. This folder includes a reminder to myself on topics I’d like to blog about (this was not one of them), my latest 401(k) plan statement to review (been carrying that one around for a while), submissions guidelines to become a collaborator/author for an independent book series targeted to girls, Target coupons and a check to deposit.

5.  A copy of  the Redbook magazine I kind of wish I had never subscribed to (thanks, guilt-inducing magazine sale fundraiser), but still read every month. (Somehow my one-time $19.99 bought me, like, 30 years worth of magazines.)

6.  An invitation to subscribe to Do It Yourself magazine so I can spend more time doing projects like in #1. Which I will then carry with me to and from the office.

Now I have written a blog post.




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