Meet the next Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Wow, it’s been crazy-busy in the last few weeks on both the home and work front. Before I let another day go by, though, I want to tell you some cool-fun news about Amadeo Fusca and Mike Smith, friends from the ‘Burgh who may just be the next “Ben and Matt”.

You see, Amadeo and Mike have been collaborating on screenplays and creative projects since their days as high school buddies. Now they have a new accomplishment:

Amadeo –and because he’s Amadeo’s “go to” writer, Mike– entered the national So You Think You Can Roast!? competition sponsored by the famous, big-names-in-comedy Friars Club. Amadeo was one of 55 contestants…and he WON. THE. COMPETITION. Along the way, he roasted Rick(y) Schroeder and Dennis Rodman… and, right about now, is roasting Jack Black.

I know Mike well and was even entrusted by him to critique one of their screenplays. He’s a great writer and Amadeo’s a great performer. I hope this is the start of only good things to come for both of them!

For more, listen to an interview with the two from earlier this week.


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