I’m giving away books to great kids!

Last month I wrote about  World Book Night 2013 and the opportunity to give away 20 copies of a new book. I applied to give books to the kids at HEARTH, a local non-profit I’ve supported for a number of years — and I’m thrilled to say I’ve been accepted as a book giver!

HEARTH provides a progression of support services — job training, continuing education, childcare resources, parenting and life coaching — to empower single moms and their children to become independent, self-sufficient, and adequately housed. Through their Benet Woods and Benedictine Place programs HEARTH offers low income housing opportunities to prevent homelessness and encourage safe, affordable housing.

When asked why my “nominees” should receive a free book I wrote that, growing up, I loved to read and books were never far from my reach. It’s hard to imagine children not having that same kind of access, or where books are considered a luxury. I’m so psyched that these kids can call one more book — one of my kids’ favorites, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan — their own on April 23rd!

Please consider applying to be a book giver in 2014. The application is only a few questions long, and the ways to give are endless. My coworker, for example, will be handing out books on a busy street corner in downtown Pittsburgh. To learn more, visit World Book Night’s website.


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