Doh. That Effen-pinscher!

Last night we decided to watch part of the Westminster Dog Show instead of the President’s SOTU address. Seemed like a good idea — and a good way to avoid seeing (yet again) members of the GOP (and Ted Nugent) sitting firmly planted in their seats, glowering all crabby-pants-like at the President.

It seemed like a good idea, but it was not.

Oh, Banana Joe. I have nothing against you personally. I know you must be one fit Affenpinscher with great teeth. I imagine you are as lovable a dog as any. I know you had nothing to say about how your owner/Rachel Zoe-wannabe stylist/doping cosmetology student tricked you out to look like the pom-pom on top of the winter hat I tried on at LL Bean this weekend. (Cute and on sale, but not me.) But, “Best in Show”?

Banana Joe at the Show (source



I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Those wacky Westminsters just love-love-love them those little, poofed-out pups, convincing me (yet again) that all involved in the organization must have more money than brains. Just look at last year’s Cousin It impersonator, Malarchy (oops, I mean Malachy – seriously, that was unintentional):


In fact, watching this whole event and the judging ended up reminding me of the very thing I was trying to avoid: the GOP. They claim to support diversity, even throwing in a few big, working class breeds and short-hairs for the Everyman. In the end, though, it’s a vote for same-old, same-old.


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