Navigating and Negotiating in Single Parentland

Right before I left for my trip last week I was pleased to learn that Modern Single Momma, founder of iheartsingle parents*, had named me one of her picks for single parent bloggers “to watch.” (Not in a creepy way, though; just because she likes our stuff.) I can’t believe I’m in such great company — truly. Thanks, MSM!

Speaking of single parenting, this month at the Imperfect Parent I write about the art of negotiation when you’re on your own. Check it out and let me know, you mahvelous single parents, you – how do you negotiate for the things most important to you and your kids?


4 thoughts on “Navigating and Negotiating in Single Parentland

  1. I am so happy for you, Parent Blogger to Watch, and I’m going to send the link to your Imperfect Parent piece to a good friend of mine who’s precisely in the situation you describe.

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