Sun-shiny days

I’m a bit freaked out at the moment. I’m working half a day today (and you can see how well that’s going with my typing here) and I have a ton of stuff to do this p.m., including packing. Why, you ask? (if I could hear you ask…wait, that’s not a yawn, is it?)…

I’m jetting off to Phoenix tomorrow to attend a wedding this weekend!

J. and I decided to go out a few days before to visit with my college roommate and also J.’s friend — both who gave up four-seasons living for the year-round sun.

I’ve always liked the change of seasons, but seeing that the kids and I were freezing in our springy Easter gear I’m thinking it might be overrated. We’ll see! It’s the only thing that will get me through the torment and anxiety of deciding what to pack…and then the torment of lugging that freakin’ bag, which inevitably I will stuff with unnecesary items “just in case,” down to my car. Imagine what it’s like when I have to pack for cold weather. Sheesh.

Y’all have a good rest of the week. Now, bring on the sun!


5 thoughts on “Sun-shiny days

  1. Speaking as a Native Arizonan… there are parts of the state that enjoy all four seasons!! It is a beautiful and passion filled state where people work hard and play hard – and… just between us – a lot of the state is not desert!!

    Don’t let the people in Phoenix fool you, it is not the most interesting part of the state – by a long shot!

    Enjoy the smells, sites, and weather. I have a feeling you will have a blast!!

    (And it really is a “dry” heat!)

  2. Thanks, girls. We will have fun regardless of the weather just getting away.

    Exception – I do know that places like Flagstaff are more like my native Michigan, although I haven’t been there – I’ve only been to Phoenix and the Tucson area. I think the native Michiganders that move down there (like my college roommate and her family) purposefully avoid the 4 seasons! I guess Michigan and midwest winters will do that! And, yeah, I do recall the dry heat. My sister and her family were stationed down south of Tucson for a year or two and it was like an oven. Or what I imagine an oven to be.


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