“Man, he’s good!”

The kids woke me up this morning at about 7, but their enthusiasm to find what Easter Bunny hid overnight was catching; I practically bounded out of bed, too.

Kids grow up so fast these days, I’m thankful that T-Rex, age 7 1/2, and Drama Girl, age 9 1/2, still believe in the power and joy of all things magical. And, I’m glad they came equipped for the challenge:

As I watched them search the house I heard them exclaim, “Man, he’s good!” and “That Easter bunny dude is really tricky!” The only downside with EB being so darned good at hiding those Easter baskets is that I killed time by eating way too many of those M&Ms and jelly beans he left.  😉

Hope you’re having a great Easter/Sunday in your neck of the woods!


4 thoughts on ““Man, he’s good!”

  1. I love the innocence around that age. I have two grandkids, 2 and 3. They were so much fun. Watching them color eggs and the simple hiding and finding of the easter eggs. Cutest thing was how they just threw those eggs in their basket and you hear them crack as they landed…hee hee
    It was so much.

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