Irreverant Gratitude

See, look! I’m back already and it’s been only 2 hours since my last post!

Gretchen Rubin highlighted “Can You Curse During a Gratitude Meditation?” the other week on her Happiness Project blog:

We’ve all heard about studies that show that counting our blessings or doing some kind of gratitude meditation will boost happiness. Some people dismiss the idea, however, with the assumption that you can only cultivate gratitude if you’re the pure, high-minded sort – that you have to ponder silently by a woodland stream, or sit lotus-style on your yoga mat, or at least keep a daily journal if you want to focus on gratitude.

“That kind of thing isn’t for me,” the thinking goes. “I’m too edgy, too irreverent, too ironic.”

But as this YouTube clip shows, gratitude meditations can come in a lot of flavors.

On Late Night with Conan O’Brien, comedian Louis CK’s commentary is edgy and irreverent – and it absolutely reminds us to be grateful of the things we take for granted in everyday life…

I loved it. Click on here to watch.


5 thoughts on “Irreverant Gratitude

  1. T says:

    Oh girl… that was greatness!!! I giggled all the way through it! How freakin’ true!

    I love the memory of the rotary dial and the number 0. Ha!

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