Lists and things

Boy, there seem to be lots of lists flying through the cybersphere these days — lists about where you’ve traveled, where you haven’t traveled (loser!), what you’ve done with your life so far, what you haven’t done (get a life!), the six things you’d want your dog to answer if he could speak, etc. I’ve ignored lots of requests on Facebook to reveal random facts about myself — all which I guarantee would bore you to tears…unless you’re a loser and have no life — so I’ll compensate by presenting a list of the

things I’ve been thinking about lately:

1. Blogging. (Not doing it, mind you, but I think a lot about it!)

2. How I could possibly come up with 25 random facts about myself. And who would care if I did.

3. Why and how Facebook has become the place to be in the last 30 days. Omigawd! I haven’t seen you since 1985 when you were thin and had big hair!* Hey, good for Facebook; it’s just odd that people are popping up everywhere on there all of a sudden. Oh, and if you’d like to connect, just go to the sidebar and befriend me. (Lurkers: be sure to tell me you found me through my blog, too.)

4. How come I could tolerate — and accept — the genius of smoke monsters, polar bears and the otherworldly Others on Lost in the first 4 seasons, but am annoyed and already tired of this time travel/floating through the time continuum nonsense this season.**  For God’s sake, move on! Or, I should say, anchor the freakin’ island already!

Note that FlyBoy emailed me recently: “It was obvious that time travel was in play right from the beginning of the show.” I emailed back something to the effect of: “Um, maybe obvious to YOU. Clearly I’m an idiot because I didn’t get that.” His response (hear the whirr of pedals moving backward): “Oh, well my geeky friends and I probably watched too much sci fi growing up.” Me: “No comment.”

5. My sudden and strange attraction to Kid Rock, despite the fact I’d really like to give that stringy mess of hair a good wash and cut.

6. The fact that I’m really (and really selfishly) glad my kids are only in one after-school activity each right now. And that those activities don’t meet very often. When I hear about friends’ kids who are each doing 3 activities with multiple practices or games a week I have to go lay down and take a nap.

7. …but then I spend 7.2 seconds awake thinking I might be depriving my kids of enrichment.

8. …but then I realize kids actually need time to do homework and relax and play after school. Just like I do.

9. When I’m going to hear back from the 6 agents I contacted last month. Yep, I sent out queries to another 10 agents. Still waiting to hear from most and trying to determine what next group I can contact. I’m running out of options in terms of agents who want my mom-lit/intelligent chick lit/”fun women’s fiction” (as one agent suggested I call it) type of material. Strangely, though, life has managed to go on as I wait.

10. My next “big” writing project, which I think is going to be a non-fiction book/collection of essays kind of gig rather than another novel. (See #1 for the “thinking, not doing” part.)

11. How amazing it is that I’ve been doing 40 push ups a day as part of a friend’s recommended exercise/get fit program — and lately with minimal cursing and no tears!

Seriously, push ups are the forgotten exercise, but these girly arms have had it tough the last 2+ weeks. I’ve fallen short of 40 on a handful (or should I say armful?!) of days; I have to break them into 5 or 10 increments throughout the day; and I’ve had to go back to the knees version a number of time. But I’m doing them, along with some aerobic exercise and power yoga, and reduction in my food intake. I feel progress!

12. …I just wish I could SEE progress already. 😦

13. How many of you ended up reading to this point?

And, truthfully, what do you REALLY want to know from me?

*I couldn’t get my hair to be big even when I tried.

**The mention of time travel is not to be confused with the aforementioned “places you’ve traveled” lists, although it probably would make for a more interesting list.***

***Seriously, time travel makes my head hurt. Going to lay down…


4 thoughts on “Lists and things

  1. T says:

    Kid Rock ROCKS!

    40 pushups! WOW, ok, I’m impressed with that one. Good for you for getting back on the exercise. Keep it up. You’re not seeing progress because you look at yourself every day. Its like when you haven’t seen your kids in a week and they look like they’ve changed so much! I guarantee someone else (read Flyboy) is noticing…

    I like Facebook but I too am tired of being tagged… I’m like, go read the blog people.

    Glad to hear you’re still pushing the book. And at least thinking about another one.

    Love ya!

  2. Susan we are kindred spirits on items 1 through 4. Today I’m toying with blogging about rolled rump roast, which says a lot about my lack of an interesting life/blog fodder. And I’m having the exact same experience with Facebook. It’s like the adoption curve has finally reached my demographic or something — only my adapting curve is a bit steeper and lagging behind. As for Lost, I’ve got two episodes waiting on my DVR and I haven’t had the patience to watch them yet. I want to hang in there – only one more season left – but I fear I’m losing the brainpower necessary to keep things straight. It’s so much easier to be entertained by 30 Rock and The Office.

  3. Susan – glad to know I am not the only one with an odd attraction to Kid Rock….just something about him…oh, and to hear my daughter sing “sippin’ whiskey out the bottle” or “making love down by the lake” probably isn’t a good thing for a 4 year old but I do find it very cute (and I do question that but…). And also glad to know that I am not the only mom who only lets her kids do 1 activity a week as well!!

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