A good day

Let’s see. It’s the end of a Monday in and around Pittsburgh: a day to celebrate the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr., tomorrow’s inauguration of our next President, wind chill temps above single digits (barely) and for some of us, an extra day off of work.

Oh, and there’s that trip to the Superbowl, too.

It’s cold outside,  but if you’re wearing black and gold — and you better be if you live in these here parts* — the day was surprisingly warm.

*It took me over ten years of living here before I bought a Steelers t-shirt — and that was only after they won the 2005 AFC Championship. Give me a few more years, and I might end up looking like this:

Source: The Disturbingly Named Killer Among Us

Or not.

Photo credit to “Killer Among Us”. (I wish I made that up…but, um, I didn’t)


7 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Susan, congrats to you and your Steelers. Now about your posting, I really hate to be the one to do this to you, but you are an aspiring professional writer who has already had a lot of success. So I need to ask you to come correct and acknowledge one tiny but irritiating mistake in your posting.

    The Super Bowl is 2 words – not 1 word.

    As a sports fan, sports writer, and sports announcer in my past, the spelling of this game ranks right up there for me with announcers saying “RBIs” – they aren’t Runs Batted Ins, they are Runs Batted In.

    Otherwise, happy for you and your Steelers. And just to make you feel more secure about your team’s chances, I will do as I have throughout the post-season and pick AGAINST them in the Super Bowl.

  2. T and Jon, thanks for the congratulations. Of course, I had nothing to do with it. As for the irritating mistake in my post, Jon, I can understand it would be bothersome for someone with an extensive background and interest in sports. But, c’mon — what do you expect from someone who owns only 1 professional football t-shirt?!

    That said, duly noted. 😉

  3. Hey Susan, great post. I’ve lived here my whole life and have only a smattering of Steelers garb. My spirit is my heart, pulsing in my skin…I don’t need no stinkin’ facepaint!!!! Go Steelers!

  4. Susan – congrats to you and all those in Steeler Nation on yesterday’s win. If that game doesn’t convince people that football on tv is still the best reality show on tv, I don’t know what will.

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