Christmas Miracles


Well, here we are only 2 days from Christmas. It’s been a whirlwind as usual, but I’m finally winding down as my kids are winding up in anticipation of Santa’s arrival. (Thankfully, I got another year with my daughter believing after the close call last December.)

FlyBoy and I also just celebrated 6 months together! It will be fun to spend the holidays with someone so dear to me — especially now that I’ve outed us as I explain in this month’s Dinner for One. (Calling him my "boyfriend" seems a little dorky coming from a 40 year-old woman, but I’ll take it.) And, don’t worry, I’m definitely still keeping any action under the mistletoe out of sight. πŸ˜‰

I hope you and your families have a joyous Christmas!


9 thoughts on “Christmas Miracles

  1. Congrats on 6 months πŸ™‚ Except I have to say, I totally blame FlyBoy for your absence at all of our recent BurghMom outings. He’s HOGGING YOU. hehe Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Hoorah for 6 months!! And if you think saying ‘boyfriend’ is awkward at 40, try it at age 49 when the ‘boyfriend’ is 53 years old. At that point it just sounds ridiculous.

  3. Judy E says:

    Thanks for sending me your end of year update. I have been cruising through many of your postings and am thrilled to see that 2008 looked like a good year! Have fun toasting in 2009!

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