Cheetahlicious thanks


Or “What I learned about ‘giving thanks’ at a Cheetah Girls concert.”
I took Drama Girl and her friend to the Cheetah Girls concert Wednesday night, a belated birthday present to my daughter. Despite joking around earlier that day that I would need a few shots of vodka – or a spike through the head – to get me through the evening I actually had a good time. Ok, so part of it’s that I like a lot of different kind of music — everything from the blues to rock to folk to some hip-hop…and, yes, also pop. (I’ll even admit to singing to teeny-bopper music once in a while.) But that aside, I think the concert was perfectly timed with Thanksgiving. I never would have guessed it, but watching the Cheetah Girls reminded me of just how thankful I am:
  • For my daughter — her smile and silly expressions, her big eyes and big heart. I’m thankful she has a few good friends, like M. who came with us, and can groove like she’s the only one in the room, not self-conscious at all, something I still haven’t mastered while sober. (And barely while not.)
  • For The Ex, who planned a “guys night” with my son, so I could take DG to the concert.
  • For the Cheetah Girls, who my daughter and girls her age look up to. No risqué acts, no hoochie-mama costumes or song lyrics. No one “perfect” body type or a trio of bleach-blond manequins. Just three young women who at least act like they enjoy what they do – giving off a lot of positive girl power in the process!
  • For the Cheetah Guys, those cute young back-up dancers who could really move! And, no, I’m not trying to be another member of the cat family here –cough-cough Cougar cough – I’m just saying they were equally fun to watch! As Drama Girl practically screamed in excitement during one song, “Look – that guy’s spinning on his HEAD!” How cool is that?
  • For the folks at the arena, who seeing the event was nowhere close to being sold out, moved us and others who bought the “cheap seats” (at approx. $35 per pop!) into much closer, much more expensive seats at no extra charge.
  • For being able to afford to take the kids out to an event once in a while where “cheap” = $35!
  • For the parents and guardians who were also in the audience. Watching them shimmy in their seats, smiling and taking photos of their children singing and smiling, was almost as good as watching the show itself.
  • For the mother sitting next to me. Before the concert we started chatting and she mentioned that a few years ago she wouldn’t have been able to take her daughter out like this; just four years ago this woman was being treated for a rare brain tumor. She told me how hard it had been for her then-four-year-old little girl to understand what was happening to her mother and why she could never go anywhere. I’m thankful Mary is alive to see her daughter in school and to be able to spend time with her – and a thousand other girls on a Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Meeting her reminded me that I am thankful I and my children are healthy — and that none of us are truly “strangers”.
  • For my readers and this blog, because, hey, I can’t go anywhere now without composing an imaginary or real blog post about it! I think my fellow bloggers would agree: we definitely look at the world differently.
About the only thing I wasn’t thankful for was the overpriced food and outrageously expensive Disney souvenirs. But I’m so, so thankful I live in a place where, as a marketing professional myself, I can admire Disney’s marketing know-how…and still have the freedom of speech (and wits about me) to write a shout-out like: “Disney, you bunch of greedy bastards!” 😉
Hope you’re all having a great, thankful holiday weekend!
The Old Cheetah Bag
 Photo Credit: DisneyMusic

10 thoughts on “Cheetahlicious thanks

  1. My kid would be so jealous!….

    But I find it fascinating that Disney has missed out on the boat with its young male audience. I hear there are many “boy” video games in the works, a new action TV show… and do you think the movie “Bolt” is trying to target boys, too?

    From an “old Cheetah Bag,” too…. we rented Cheetah Girls 2 this weekend!

  2. Hey Cheetah mother! You are a cool gal for a mom, you know? I’m glad you had such a great time and I hope I’m as up for that as you are when my daughter reaches that stage…how’s the writing?

  3. T says:

    Sounds like a good time!! And I think you’re looking at life a bit differently… and being grateful for much of what you see.

    I’m happy that you and your family are happy too!

    Big hugs! Miss you!

  4. curt says:

    susan — totally glad that you and DG had such a great “girls night out” — I am sure that it’ll be a great memory for years to come.

    not to burst bubbles, but didn’t one of the cheetah girls recently have naughty pix on the ‘net? why, oh, why? I hate the yahoo! home page for filling my head with this info….

  5. Curt, I believe you are right on that last point — that’s what mom Mary was telling me that night, but I don’t know which CG it was/is. I don’t really want to know! Miley in Vanity Fair, Vanessa Hudgeons with her photos, now this.

    😦 Pass the Cheetos, Bob.

  6. Dianna says:

    I just happened to find your blog today and I totally agree with everything you said. I took my 6 yr. old to see the Cheetah Girls on Tuesday in Michigan as an early Christmas present and we had sooo much fun! I love the music and was ready to learn some of their dance moves. Who needs Weight Watchers if you could just move like that! Aside from being greedy, Disney does put on an awesome show. Totally professional and exciting. I was a little miffed at the arena for the overpriced food and drinks and $15 parking fee! Oh well, the memories were priceless!

  7. Darn it, Susan, why must you and my husband constantly ruin the Disney magic for me?! So glad you and Drama Girl had a blast, and I love all of the things you’re thankful for – thanks for reminding me to be grateful.

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