Back to a cold reality

Just back from my weeklong trip to San Diego. Oh, was it nice! Not so nice is the idea that right now it is 70 degrees andon Coronado Island, where we stayed, and 32 degrees andhere at home. That just doesn’t seem fair.

But it was a great time seeing a new city/area for me, for FlyBoy to return to where he was stationed with the Navy many years ago, and to prove that we can travel together without killing each other. I’ll write more about it this week. Also up during the next few days:

  • Back to work tomorrow (Brief Calm followed by Winter Storm of Emails, Phone Calls and Nonsense)
  • Seeing Spamalot on Tuesday night. I saw it once before, but I’m sure I will pee my pants laughing again. Hey, after having 2 kids it’s not that hard to do. I’m just saying. (Sunny, with possibility of brief shower. Ha, get it?)
  • Taking Drama Girl and her equally excited-shrieky-dramatic-cute friend to see The Cheetah Girls in concert on Wednesday. (Thunderstorm already brewing in my head, thank you very much.)
  • And then a peaceful day of football, turkey and trimmings and sleep.

My only consolation is that while I’m doing all this under snow flurries southern California will get a little moisture, too. Hey, sorry guys — who said life was fair?!


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