O, do you know your alphabet?

Cindy over at My Brilliant Mistakes recently posted her response to a meme she found through Andrea’s Lip Smacking Wit. The instructions were:

Leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. Post ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.  Then give a letter to anyone who leaves a comment for you… and the cycle will continue.

O, cool!

I say "O" because Cindy assigned me that little loveable oval. The first things that popped into my mind, though, were Ovaltine and Oprah. Hmm. Neither one is exactly on my love list. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever had Ovaltine.

Then, all I could think of were food items: oatmeal, olives, and, again, Ovaltine — what the heck?! I like oatmeal and olives well enough, but I don’t love them. Anyway, once my mind stopped obsessing about Ovaltine, I came up with the list below:

Orchestras. I love the theater experience, and as a former band geek (flute and a brief stint playing french horn), love listening to orchestras, symphonies, and just about any live band. There is nothing like experiencing live music with musicians who can transfix an entire audience by playing songs in a way that makes it seem the notes are emanating from within them.

Oreos. Now here’s a food item I love! Oreos are kind of like my kryptonite; unfortunately, I can rationalize eating an entire box in relatively short order. Please, Oreos, use your power for good! Pretty please?

Obama. What I love about Obama — and more importantly what he symbolizes — is that he has brought us into a new era. He’s helped to break another racial barrier in the U.S. He’s given many Americans and our neighbors overseas hope and the inspiration to make changes. He used the internet and technology and got people interested in politics again — whether you love or hate him — and out of their homes to vote, something that many Americans have taken for granted in the past (myself included).

Ocean. Powerful, scary, beautiful, wonderous. There’s nothing like digging your toes in the sand, floating in the waves or watching the sun set over the water. Bonus: I’m excited to be leaving for a view of the Pacific tomorrow! California here I come!

The Office/My Office. Only in the last year have I started to watch The Office — and be still my Corporate America-made heart! How I love this show. If you haven’t worked in CubicleLand/a Cube Farm, or for a dopey boss (not that I have, current and former bosses who might be reading), or had weird coworkers (ditto on the not you! part) you may not get the humor, but I have and I do. The writing is great and the characters are not just one dimensional. Speaking of offices, I was moved into an office just this past week after several years in a very gray cubicle. I have a door! I have a door!

Did I mention I have a door?!

OK Go. Cindy actually introduced me to this group a few years ago. Their music is fun, catchy and can be sung while dancing on a treadmill. Well, by them. Me? I’d kill myself. OK Go – "Here It Goes Again"


"O".  As in the shape of a child’s mouth on Christmas morning when he sees what Santa has left him, or the first time she watches fireworks explode in the sky.

The Other "O". As when an adult sees fireworks for other reasons. Mmm-hmm. Cue The Office joke: That’s what SHE said!

Om. Some days I’m really good at getting my Om on — staying in the moment, not letting things bother me, enjoying yoga, and literally and figuratively breathing easier; many days, however, not so much. I love the feeling of being at peace, living in the moment, and taking time out to just be. Note: yesterday, I treated myself to a hot stone massage. Not sure if that qualifies as a transcendental experience, but it sure must have been close. Om yeah!





 Need I say more?

Leave me a comment and I’ll assign you a letter, too. Note that it will be about a week, since I’m off on a little vaca. So be good…and study up on your A-B-Cs.



14 thoughts on “O, do you know your alphabet?

  1. Great Post…Were you afraid to actually spell out the word orgasm? I love all your “O’s” too! Hope your vacation was everything you wanted it to be.

  2. I love your o’s! Except for The Office. Never seen it, and I no longer have an official office anymore – mine’s in my bedroom. But I wanna play this game. What a great way to stretch your creativity. Hope your vacation’s fun.

    By the way, I love Cindy. We had coffee a couple weeks ago. I actually left the house and did something with a grown up. For that alone, I love Cindy! But she was so nice and lots of fun to talk to, also.

  3. Susan,

    Being that you are a Steelers fan, I was surprised that you didn’t list as an honorable mention the word O’Donnell, as in Neil O’Donnell, who took your Steelers to a Super Bowl.

    I await my letter…

  4. Hi, everyone. After a week in southern Cal, I think I’ll add “Omigoodness, do I want to retire to San Diego!” along with Otters, like the ones we saw at the zoo.

    But enough about me. Here are your challenges. There is really no rhyme or reason to my selections. Trust me, at this point my brain is mush.

    Missy: I wouldn’t say “afraid” – just being coy and a bit reluctant, you know knowing that my parents read this. But, Ok – orgasm, orgasm, orgasm!! And now I bequeath you the letter “N” – like naughty :).

    Mary: So glad you had a chance to get out and meet Cindy. I’m going to give you the letter “L”.

    Jon: FlyBoy will tell you I had the audacity to suggest that we go sight seeing or go to dinner while on vacation and the Steelers were on TV. The outrageousness, I tell you! (Hey, look at that – another “O”). Anyway, no, Neil O’Donnell never even crossed my mind, but I’ll give you the letter “N” in his honor.

    The Exception: Thank you for your support. I’ll give you the letter “B”.

    Jennie: You always rock in my book, and being the writerly type, I’ll give you a vowel — “A”. (Sorry, honey, that’s what you get for being creative.)

    Heather: I’m so glad you enjoyed a little OK Go. Now you can go and post about the letter “S”. Please, no need to include me in your list. ha!

  5. Hey Susan, glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to “Low Cal”. For those that don’t know, the Los Angeles area is considered “SoCal”, with San Francisco “NoCal” and San Diego “LowCal”.

    Anyways, I’m getting off-topic. Susan, I have just completed posting a blog posting about the letter you assigned me, the letter N. Here’s the link to it:


    Here’s the link to see it in it’s fullness. Enjoy, and thanks for doing this Susan.

  6. Almost forgot – the short version of the list is:
    (1) Nieces
    (2) Nine Irons
    (3) Newcastle Beer
    (4) Nerf
    (5) Narration
    (6) NCIS
    (7) Nutter Butters
    (8) “Not so fast my friend…”
    (9) New Car Smell
    (10) New Jersey

  7. Jon, thanks for the clarification on the Low/So Cal distinction — or in my case, “No Cal” — plus for your fine N choices.

    I also just realized I assigned N to both Jon and Missy, so Missy if you’d prefer an alternate, you can try “Y”. Just kidding — how about “C”? Or N, your choice.

    See, the California sun turned my brain to mush. BTW, being back at work right now really sucks.

  8. Exception: Sorry for the difficulty – your other email was caught as spam…perhaps in the spirit of my attendance at Spamalot last night?! Either way, thanks for playing along!

  9. Hey Susan,

    Thanks for the kudos on my list of N – it was a lot of fun to put together.

    As for those Thanksgiving Days of yesteryear when the day began with the annual high school football bawl between our beloved Pascack Hills Cowboys and the hated Pascack Valley Indians, I agree with the sleeping sentiment but also lament those days not being with us anymore. There is something to be said for tradition and the thoughts of seeing older kids come home from college to see each other, a full set of bleachers overflowing with past alum and parents, set against a that steel grey sky with those crisp late autmun breezes, and rooting for Dave D’Amore, Mike D’Errico, Dave Aurhcio, Mike Feulner, Gregg Silcher or even Tom Papa (yes folks, that Tom Papa) to tote the pigskin across the goal line so we could go bananas, go-go bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I can still picture Silcher our senior year at Valley, a shutout win for us, carrying his white helmet high over his head in one hand as the snow fell and the rest of team soon following his lead. They were great times. Hope you and your “cast of characters” had a great holiday – I got to see my dad which made mine awesome.

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