Got a letter back from one of the agents I submitted my full manuscript to and — BAaaa! (sound of buzzer)

Ah, well. It was a long shot…but definitely worth a shot. Time to get the next batch of queries out.


12 thoughts on “Strike

  1. Ahh, Susan, I’m sorry to hear the news! It takes time to find the right agent. And you still have the manuscript out to another agent, right? Just hold your head high & submit onward! Good luck!

  2. Hey, everyone, thanks for your words of encouragement. My philosophy: nothing ventured, nothing gained, so onward we go! (That said, if I get 20 more rejects I might not be so chipper about it.) I’m also excited to start on Novel 2 — after some R&R next week.

  3. Honey, believe me, I feel your pain. I have a friend who went through 22 rejections before finally getting her first novel published. 22! I try and remember that when I feel down about getting two.

    I’m also thinking about starting, or finding and joining, a writer’s group. I would want it to be for serious writers, by which I mean people who are really trying to sell their work. Are you interested in such a thing? Or you might already be in one. If so, any suggestions for me finding one?

  4. Elizabeth, definitely we’ll talk offline about the writing groups. As for the “paying your dues” I realize I have a ways to go. And the good news is I made it farther than many, so, despite now being rejected by both agents I sent my full ms to, it gives me hope…sort of! 🙂

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