Pre-pubescent politics

With only a few days left before the election it has become all too apparent that politics – and, more specifically, political smack-talk — is trickling down to our youngest population. For the last few nights Drama Girl and T-Rex have been chanting their candidate of choice’s name to me – the one that does NOT belong to my candidate of choice. And they’re learning all sorts of nonsense from their grade-school classmates, too. My favorites: “Mom, why would you vote for him?…”

T-Rex: “…He’s going to take away the army!”

DG: “…He’s going to make women sit at the back of the bus!”


“Who told you that?!”

They revealed the name of their source…and then broke into their chanting again. I might have to have a word with little Missy if I see her out trick-or-treating tomorrow night. 

Seriously, parents, I don’t care who you’re voting for — it’s a great country that we each get a vote! — but let’s stop pumping crazy talk into the school system. (Admittedly, there might be some extrapolation and exaggeration going on here — they are 7- and 9-year olds, after all — but still!)

And as for those chants? All I’ll say is that the name rhymes with


Which is exactly what I feel when I hear it.

[Insert an “L” in the word, too, for a double dose of it.]

 “Oh, lookey! It’s time for you two to spend some time with your father. Take your chanting with you. Buh-bye!”


4 thoughts on “Pre-pubescent politics

  1. What’s really disturbing is that their misconceptions aren’t THAT far removed from the stuff that some adults believe.

    And by “adults,” I of course mean “mavericks.”

    (By the way, I am so glad that you’re voting for who you’re voting for, WHERE you’re voting for them.)

  2. T says:

    My kids haven’t mentioned it thankfully. I get enough of it from the grown-ups around here!

    I already voted. My mind was made up after seeing what war does to guys with really big hearts. He wouldn’t agree with my choice but oh well! And not that it matters much in Texas anyway…

    Sounds like we’re on the same page. Not surprising!

  3. I love Jeff’s comment because it is SOOO true. There’s somebody in my office that has been drinking the wacky Kool-Aid and actually believes everything that is coming out of some mouths these days. It’s RIDICULOUS, and I’m sure his kids think it’s all true, too. Ugh!

    Let’s just hope PA goes the right way on Tuesday. I will be so humiliated if it doesn’t.

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