Multi-tasking Mishaps and Miracles

Every night this week the kids and I have had something going on after school and work:

  • Monday: attended a friend’s jewelry party with Drama Girl while T-Rex attended a Cub Scouts meeting with The Ex
  • Tuesday: worked from home followed by an orthodontist consult for Drama Girl followed by errands followed by the annual Brownies’ campfire and an evening hayride
  • Wednesday: brought kids to their soccer practices (fortunately, starting at the same time and at the same locale), caught up on more work sitting in my car, and then walked around the soccer fields to get some exercise and stay warm while they practiced
  • Last night: picked up the kids and then dined with my aunt and uncle, who are in from out of town, my parents, the kids and FlyBoy, who also happened to be up in the area for his work

So, considering all we’ve managed to squeeze in these last 72 hours, it’s no surprise that I had a few missteps along the way:

1. On Tuesday night I was so proud of myself that I had managed to stop at the grocery store to buy our assigned item for the cookout, pick up the kids, feed them a quick snack and get us across town for the Brownies event on time — no! 4 minutes early! — only to realize that a) I had purchased the wrong item because I had read the list of assignments wrong; and b) it started at 6:00, not 6:30.

2. After roasting hotdogs and S’mores on Tuesday my winter coat stunk like smoke, but since it was freezing the next night, too, I wore the same coat to the kids’ soccer practice while I was taking my walk around the fields. When we got home I decided to throw it in the wash — forgetting that I had put my cell phone in the pocket earlier. For an entire wash cycle.

(The kids thought this was great, btw, rivaling the time when I lost my keys in the trash and I freaked out because we couldn’t go to Krispy Kreme. Personally, between this and my car wash incident earlier this year, I think I should stay away from anything involving a battery and water.)

But guess what? MY CELL PHONE STILL WORKS!!! I dried it off and aired out the battery overnight and then recharged the phone. At first it would turn on but I couldn’t get any reception. Then, after more air-drying, I was able to get reception…but the screen was too fogged up to read anything. More air, more time — and it was fine.

I’m really happy because if it had died, I probably would have broken down and bought a Crackberry. I shudder to think what I’d do with — or because of — it.


10 thoughts on “Multi-tasking Mishaps and Miracles

  1. YAY for your mobile!! I am putting off getting a Blackberry at all costs!! Until Sprint reunites with Nokia, i am also doing everything I can to keep my mobile in working order!

    (And I need a nap after reading your schedule this past week… wow!)

  2. VERY impressive that your phone survived the wash! I’m the same way- I’m avoiding getting any kind of smart phone because seriously? I’m already WAAAAY too addicted to the internet. If I was able to surf blogs while waiting in line at Giant Eagle, I would and that’s just pathetic, don’t you think? 😉

  3. Beth says:

    Ran into your kids with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday at WalMart yesterday – heard “Hey Ryan’s Mom”…asking if I knew where to buy Baukugons – LOL! Guess they had been at Target and were out and now WalMart was out!
    Hear you on the every night with something going on, we are the same way – I run into your kids all the time – even Scouts w/the Ex…….
    Have a good weekend…

  4. Smartphones are like smoking…at first you look really cool and then something goes terribly wrong. I drove 15 minutes back home this morning to retrieve mine from the charger. It’s sitting in my purse. I haven’t used it all day. But I’d be jumpy without it.

  5. Haha! Don’t you hate when you think you are doing *so* well only to discover you fail? Happens to me far more often than I would like…

    Glad your phone works 🙂 My iPhone is horribly addictive, but now I don’t know how I got by without it.

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