Changing Seasons

Five years ago I took my kids on a nice October day to a local farm to pick out pumpkins for Halloween. It was during my first holiday season as a divorced mom, and I remember feeling determined — DETERMINED — that we would have a fun day (dammit!). Back in 2003, I pulled a cart full of 20 pounds of pumpkins and 70 pounds of tired, whiny (albeit cute) kids, wondering how the hell was I going to do this on my own and what the future would bring.

Today, I took the kids back to that same farm where we’ve been going each year. I wasn’t anxious about making it a fun day because I knew it would be — just because it was gorgeous out and we were together. Five years and many hairstyles later (thank you, I’ve embraced my straight, dark brown hair!) T-Rex knighted me for my pumpkin-picking efforts…

…and wouldn’t you know — my kids took turns pulling the cart for me?

Pumpkins ’08, originally uploaded by onewomanshow.

9 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT FARM YOU WENT TO!! (The PSU jersey in the background gave it away!) We were just there last Saturday with Maggie 🙂 And good for the kids for helping you, hehe

  2. Jen1 – Considering that Michigan (my alma mater) lost BIG time to that fool PSU, I should have blacked out the jersey in the photo! But it’s a great little farm, isn’t it?

    Jen2/Sis – Yes, we missed you this year. Can’t imagine how much trouble little D. would get into, though, if he were there!

    Steve – Yep, they get big FAST, as you can see.

    SingleParentDad – I have worn my hair SO many ways over the years: longish, short, very short, blond, brown, permed, agonizingly straight… that photo shows my blond-highlighted, longer hair with a curlier-than-expected body wave. Loved the extra oomph of volume, but I now appreciate the fewer trips to get my hair color touched up and not having to blow out a mess of curls each morning. Ah, women and their hair. Some days I’d prefer to just shave my head and be done with it all, but as FlyBoy says (lovingly…with a scared look on his face), “um, I don’t think that would be a good look for you.”

  3. How fun!

    Way to go embracing the straight brown hair. It’s very becoming 🙂 And I totally understand the urge to just shave your head sometimes but very few people can pull that off. I certainly couldn’t.

    And WOW how they have grown! Amazing what a few years does. Phew!

    Glad you had fun! Yay pumpkins!

  4. You know, pathetic, but I have never been to a pumpkin farm. At least as far as I can remember (maybe when I was in preschool). This year I was determined to take my kiddos, but never made it and I am doubting we will. Maybe next year….

    Love the old photo! I can’t even tell it is you. I like the current look at lot – very natural and professional looking.

  5. Looks like a fabulous day, and they are absolutely adorable kids! Glad you’re doing well. Be sure and call me next time you get that beautiful brown hair done, and we’ll have coffee. Since the ice cream place will be closed!

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