Random re-entry

One of the hardest things to do when you haven’t been blogging regularly is to write your first post-hiatus entry. Say, like this one, which starts with a non-statement of the obvious to fill space. So, rather than think through all the options for restarting my blog with vim and vigor as I’ve been doing the last few days, I figured I better just write something. Therefore, I present to you, my reader(s), a random dump of what has been going on in my world:

  • I finished the second “re-write” (using a writerly term) – i.e., third draft (using a non-writerly term) – of my novel and submitted it to the two agents who requested it. Oh, I guess I already told you that. Anyway


  • T-Rex and Drama Girl are in the midst of soccer season right now. I’ve noticed that T-Rex has this habit of dancing around a lot, bustin’ a move to show he’s ready to kick the ball, but doesn’t actually kick the ball if it’s moving unless it bounces off his foot by accident. He also has a habit of holding himself, you know, down there, while he’s dancing/running around the field. The first time I saw this I asked The Ex, “Why does he keep holding the hem of his shirt like that?” The Ex said, “He’s not holding his shirt.”


I advised T-Rex that it’s not appropriate to hold his penis while he’s in the middle of a game or other public settings. His response: “I was just keeping it warm.” Admittedly it was cold that day.


  • I gladly opted out of all fundraising activities for the kids at school, all for $50! Yay me…


  • …but I signed up to be the MagNut mom for Drama Girl’s Brownie troop – not the NutMag mom, as I originally thought it was called. (FlyBoy kept calling me Nutmeg to be funny. Ha. Ha.) Why did I sign up for this responsibility? No idea except that I fell for the “everyone is busy, so why don’t YOU step up and volunteer.” Sucker. Well, it’s way easier than being the freakin’ cookie mom freezing your ass off outside of some WalMart in March hocking overpriced cookies. So support your local Girl Scouts — buy some pecans and renew your subscription to Knitting Daily. It all helps!


  • Speaking of nuts, as a belated birthday present, I offered to take Drama Girl and one of her friends to see The Cheetah Girls in concert right before Thanksgiving. Never said I was the smartest cookie/nut/nutmeg in the bunch. (BTW, Drama Girl tells me last night: “I am going to scream SO LOUD!! I can’t WAIT!”) For Christmas I’m requesting a lobotomy.


  • While I haven’t been blogging I’ve still been reading all of your blogs as a lurker and sometime commenter. Thank you, All Who Blog! I really hate you sometimes because you’re so much more diligent about it than I am, but I love reading what you write. (Kidding about the hate – it’s just guilt and feelings of inadequacy on my part. You know, no need to feel bad about that or anything.)


  • Once again I have a post-sniffles bout of laryngitis. This happens every time I get a cold, which usually isn’t more than twice a year, but the froggy throat side-effect has been happening for about 3 years. I am told I sound kind of sexy…when I’m not told, “My god, you sound horrible.” It depends on who I’m talking to, I guess. Fortunately, it’s only my vocal chords that seem to take the brunt; I feel okay otherwise.


  • Which leads me to Susan’s Healthy Attempt at Living #3,752: I have started taking all natural herb vitamins. Lots and lots of vitamins! So, so many vitamins. I’m building my skeletal strength while getting my fish oil while shatting out the food stuff my body doesn’t need (thanks to the Food Enzyme break-down-the-crap-you-eat tablets). Actually, the Food Enzyme tablets only caused an adverse reaction the first day I took them. My digestive track was back to normal after that. TMI?


  • Speaking of TMI, I have not been able to wear one of my suits to work for approximately 5 weeks now because I have to replace nearly all of the buttons and I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. (Translation: I’m lazy and/or in denial.) Buttons are popping off of everything – BUT it is not because I’m gaining weight. Oh, no – my weight gain from this summer has stabilized, thank you very much. Seriously, I’m sure some of this has to do with buttons straining, but mostly it’s because I don’t think they make things like they used to. Between that and the number dry cleaning does on fabric (sadly, my green/gentler dry cleaner closed up shop), my work clothes are falling apart. The icing on the cake was last week when I sat down 10 seconds after arriving at work and heard a ripppp. I was glad to see it was just my skirt lining and not the skirt itself that busted down my backside. Phew. It was exciting when I bought my first suit at the age of 20 or 21; now, not so exciting. Sewing buttons on has never been exciting, which is why I avoid it at all costs…until my other suits fall apart.


  • Things with FlyBoy – remember him, the man who literally and figuratively fell for me? (he gets credit for that phrase, not me!) – have been terrific; we’ve been dating for almost 4 months now and are serious. Who would’ve thought? I know I promised a more detailed post, and I will keep my promise (by 2010), but suffice it to say it’s going well. He’s wonderful. And wonderful to me. What more could I ask for?


  • …except a guy who’s willing to go to a fall festival in a charming town nestled in the middle of PA! Yep, believe it or not he even suggested – and ENJOYED – going to a crafty-autumn-antiquing-event. I’m not overly “crafty” (well, in the dried flowers/wood-carved antelopes sense), but it was a lot of fun to get outside on Sunday to see some artisans, eat caramel apples and see the foliage.


  • Interestingly enough, on the way back home from the fall festival my kids, who were with their dad over the weekend, happened to pass us on the PA Turnpike – nowhere near where we live, I might add – and unbeknownst to me, in The Ex’s girlfriend’s vehicle. (I’ve never met her, and The Ex has never met my beau, but the kids have met both significant others.) I didn’t realize this until Drama Girl called me on my cell phone: “Mom! We just passed you on the highway. We saw your car!” “I don’t know about that, honey. There are a lot of cars that look like mine. Where are you?” “We’re on the turnpike coming back from Ohiopyle. We saw you!”

I’m pretty sure at that moment I felt the earth shake a bit from my worlds colliding. I guess that’s about as random as things can get.


12 thoughts on “Random re-entry

  1. T says:

    Yay!! You’re back!!

    You cracked me up at T-Rex’s comment about holding his penis. That’s so damn funny.

    Sounds like life is getting somewhat back to normal. Tell Fly-boy hello!

    I’m doing a happy dance again. I love your blogging…

  2. Congratulations on finishing another draft!!! So exciting!!!

    And that is a crazy story about the encounter on the turnpike. What are the chances? Crazy!!

  3. Yeah, well, you’re writing a BOOK and I’m not, so I have much more time to blog. You may not hear much from me in November, though.. NaNoWriMo approacheth!

    One word of advice about the Cheetah Girls concert: Earplugs. The soft, squishy ones. Buy them. Love them. They will save you.

    Congrats on passing Jeff Mac’s three-month hurdle!

    And personally, I love reading brain dump posts. Bring ’em on!

  4. Boy, that Flyboy sounds like a heck of a guy.

    I’ve been thinking about trying fish oil, but one product that I was reading about claimed to minimize “fishy burps.” This is now the one thing that is holding me back from trying it — I do not want fishy burps. And I don’t believe the claims of the company that says they minimize fishy burps.

    So tell me — any fishy burps as a result of taking fish oil?

  5. Bob, no fishy burps from the highpriced ones I’m taking. Of course, maybe I’m too distracted with the gastrointestinal distress caused by the food enzyme tablets to notice. I kid, I kid!

    And, yes, Flyboy is a heck of a guy.

    Ladies: Thanks for missing me and the warm welcome back!

  6. Barb says:

    Spit out the coffee laughing at “I was just keeping it warm.” Gotta love boys! I have to go wipe off my monitor now.

    Glad to see you back!

  7. T, Barb and Clumberkim: I don’t pretend to understand the ways of boys, young or old. But it certainly has been interesting to have a son. This incident doesn’t compare, though, to say the time when he thought it would be funny to put this rubber two-headed dragon toy between his legs and shout, “I have a 3 headed penis!”

    Hours of entertainment, I tell you.

  8. So happy to read the update. I haven’t been around in a while and was wondering about you. Lots to talk about when we get together next, and you best get on that FlyBoy post. I don’t care that you’ve written a BOOK, we want details!

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