(at least as much as any writer can be “done” tinkering around with her masterpiece)

Yes, I finished my latest round of polishing! The manuscript is being copied at Kinko’s as I type this, all 352 pages, 68,300+ words of it. (I’m not saying every word is a jewel, but it is something to see this 2 inch stack of paper filled with words that I wrote.) This evening I’ll ship the ms off to the two agents who requested it and we’ll see what happens.

I guess it’s time to dust off that scrap of paper I used to outline novel #2 on — one year and one week ago today. But first, I’m going to enjoy a bit of sleep. And maybe some booze.

I’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program in the next few days!



12 thoughts on “Done…again

  1. Congratulations, Susan and the very best of luck to you! Enjoy your down time and here’s to a great “back in the saddle” go with your second ms! Woot, woot!

  2. Hooray!!!! Congratulation, Susan. I remember exactly how it felt to slip the 2-inch thick manuscript into the mail. What a great feeling of accomplishment. I’m sending you all sorts of good-luck vibes 🙂

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