A wee little break

Good news:

I received a request for my full manuscript from a second agent. Woohoo!

Bad news:

I haven’t figured out how to clone myself…and I still have a few more chapters to go with the polishing.

Good news:

I’ve matured tremendously (cough, cough) in the 2 weeks since turning 40, so I now accept that I can’t do — and shouldn’t attempt to do — everything at once.

Good/Bad/Whatever, Susan, whatev:

This all means I’m going to take a little blogging vaca for the next few weeks. Seeing that I haven’t been doing much lately anyway, I guess I’m just making it official. I appreciate your understanding and will check back as soon as I can!

PS. In the meantime, check out the great blogs and websites on my recently updated Links page.


21 thoughts on “A wee little break

  1. Yay, Susan! I’m proud of you – you rock! Good luck with it all. But remember that you’re only one person, and one person can’t do it ALL. Be sure to give yourself a break when you need it. That’s all this mother hen has to say.

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