Paparazzi go blind with horror and disbelief

And is that such a bad thing?

Dear Eva,

What pretty eyes you have without all that gunk around them! And look at those lips without lipstick!

(Wait — am I allowed to talk about lipstick? Is a big red, white and blue MCain cane going to sweep me off my own stage?)

Well, way to show those photogs, honey. You rock in my book — especially after I was all down and out that one day this spring when I wasn’t gussied up like you normally are (or at least like how I typically see you). I feel so much better about my food-stained t-shirt and chipped nails right now.



(Yes, peeps, this is the kind of headline that catches my attention. What can I say? There’s barely enough room left in my pea-brain to store my phone number, let alone anything more substantial — thank god for speed dial and that feature on the phone that records your own cell number.)


8 thoughts on “Paparazzi go blind with horror and disbelief

  1. T says:

    Wow! She looks gorgeous! Good for her.

    (Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I never catch this stuff anymore…)

    Viva au naturel!!! (or something like that)

  2. I voted for the au naturale Eva, but even with the full weight of my support, plastic-fantastic Eva is winning, 62% to 38%. Interesting, since I’m guessing that the target audience for is primarily female.

    Heavy makeup, like shoes, is something women do for each other. Most guys, I think, prefer a more natural look. And as for shoes, speaking only for myself here — back in my single days, I couldn’t even have told you if my dates (not that there were a lot of them, mind you) had feet, let alone what their shoes looked like.

  3. Legal Editor Mom says:

    Although she is quite beautiful made up, she’s still beautiful au naturalle, and I do agree that (most) guys prefer this look. Every guy I’ve ever dated and even my ex-husband are this way, so thank goodness I don’t require a lot of makeup! 😉

  4. Blimey, she likes her slap doesn’t she?

    She’s cute without it, but barely recognisable to the public image she has.

    They’ve run a TV programme in the UK where they de-slap some women, and give them a make under. It is amazing how beautiful some women are without realising, or being comfortable with it.

  5. Haven’t been reading in so very long … I apologize! I can’t check you at work for some weird reason the site is blocked … ugh!

    Anyway, these kind of headlines is what catches my eye too…the only news I get is from the comcast site and I usually click on the celeb stuff first (and usually last). Or I hear the bad stuff – really awful stuff from mom and the political stuff from Mr.T.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Susan!

    I think Eva looks pretty much the way the rest of us do without makeup. I applaud her for having the guts to leave the house without it, especially since she’s a paparazzi target! She’s a better woman than I am.

  7. I actually love it when girlfriends don’t wear make-up. This shocked a woman I dated in LA. She was so used to getting all dolled up for her husband when she was married. She thought something was wrong with me for being okay with her natural state. We broke up eventually, be she later said I was the most grounded man she’d ever dated. I think she’s back to makeup, though.

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