I only got the sunny hours

I’m off work today, catching up on a few things around the house and on the manuscript project that will never die (although the light at the end of the tunnel is still gleaming in my eye). Needless to say I’m reaaaaaally looking forward to this long holiday/birthday weekend.

I don’t want to dwell on the busy-ness — or, should I say da bizness — of this last week, what with the first day of school, first soccer practices, a jam-packed workweek, another Dinner for One due, etc. etc. But truthfully, I’ve been struggling a lot lately wondering how I can fit in all of these important people and activities in my life without burning myself out.

Lately I’ve felt really burned out.

How in the world can I give enough attention to my kids, Fly Boy, who has been WONDERFUL and post-worthy in his own right after two months together (yeah, a post is coming, hold your horses), my family, my friends, my job, my writing projects, which are starting to take off at least in my mind, this blog and you?

Oh, wait — then there’s ME, too! I can’t forget about me, no can do.

Did I mention I’m also an aspiring songwriter with a penchant for rhyming verses? Relax, I’m kidding.

I had a minor meltdown with Fly Boy about all of this a few days ago, but he helped to calm me down. “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” he said and suggested I think of my to-do list in “One dog, one bone” terms. (He’s an animal lover, what can I say? He also understands much of this because he’s the same way. Damn, there goes the rhyming again...)

I also realized that I should follow my VERY OWN ADVICE, namely the “P is for Perspective” part from my Dinner for One article. Duh, Susan, duh.

Life is good for me, despite all da bizness, so I’m winding down my 30’s this weekend with a renewed attitude and outlook…plus a few beers, deep breathing techniques, good food and even better company. I want to thank you all for reading One-Woman Show and your great advice. I’m taking it to heart.

Here’s to sunny hours for all and a great no-Labor Day!

It’s like the wise man said, relax yourself
When it’s moving too fast, you set ya down
When the going gets tough, then get to going
If you really wanna speak, then make the sound

Keep your eyes on the prize and realize
That the struggles gonna come in all shapes and size
But you gotta stay strong, don’t let your knees buckle
Gotta keep the hustle, keep hustling, do it, do it, do it



10 thoughts on “I only got the sunny hours

  1. T says:

    Aw! Happy birthday my friend!

    I’m happy that everything is falling into perfect place… including the Fly Boy thing. I’m so happy he’s so wonderful to you. He damn well better be! Yes, that is a threat. šŸ˜›

    I will be thinking of you this weekend. Enjoy it and lay off the busy stuff. Just have a grand 4-0, ok?!

    Love ya!

  2. Welcome to grown-up-hood-ness! It comes automatically (in the mail?) when you turn 40.

    Isn’t it an amazing experience to be with someone who ‘gets it’ because they’re kinda the same way? My head still reels sometimes when I realize that I don’t have to explain something 5 different ways in hopes of getting my point across. Sometimes I do it anyway out of habit and I get ‘the look’; the one that says ‘I get it — shut up already!’

    I’m *really* looking forward to a Fly Boy post. And as for all of those obligations with competing priorities, those of us in blog-land will be patient and wait for you, when you have time. That’s what friends are for.

    Happy Birthday!!

  3. I hear ya on the burnt out thing. What was it with August? Way too much going on with family, work, and life in general.

    Have a great birthday and have some FUN!!!

  4. sjbrown23 says:

    I hear ya… I’ve been traveling a lot for work and on Thursday night it all came to a head w/ a major dose of the shivers (10 min straight) followed by a nice sweaty sleep… now just a head cold but I think it’s my body’s way of slowing down…

    good luck w/ the balancing act and trying to keep it all in perspective…

  5. Happy Birthday tomorrow though I hope that it is something you are celebrating all weekend!!

    Ah, the balancing act, if you figure it out, could you send me the directions? I said I would put together a press packet ages ago and… well, who has the time really! šŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Susan. Enjoy!!

  6. I hear ya, life never seems to slow down. But you’re handling it all wonderfully – soak up the warmth of your loved ones and enjoy! Also, a very happy belated birthday. Hope it was great.

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