Laughing matter

I’m taking Drama Girl to the oral surgeon in a few minutes to get an extra tooth removed. Yes, apparently an extra teeny-tiny tooth has formed in her mouth, out of sight; it came up when we had an x-ray taken after she fell and chipped the back of a tooth a few months ago. The extra tooth isn’t causing any problems now, and may never cause a problem, but it’s best if it comes out. Geez, my kids’ teeth are showing some wacky growing patterns. Who knew?

In preparation for this minor procedure, DG’s been asking a lot about the laughing gas she’ll take. What if she doesn’t fall asleep? What does it feel like? Should she just laugh inside her head, or can she laugh out loud? What if she laughs so hard the dentist can’t get her tooth out?

I never thought I’d have to explain nitrous oxide (or make stuff up) for three days in a row. This morning she was worried about the dentist not being funny enough to make her laugh. Now, that I thought was hilarious.

Update a short time later:

Well, no procedure after all of that — no kidding.

We got to the surgeon’s office and everyone was ready to start (this is pre-hooking up the laughing gas) when I happened to mention that I did not end up giving what The Ex and I thought was an optional Valium pill to DG before we arrived. The doctor said, “What? Why not? The laughing gas isn’t enough.” I explained that we heard his pre-op instructions to mean that, if DG was feeling anxious about the procedure, we could give the pill to her to help her calm down before we got there. Apparently my extensive description of proper laughing gas etiquette worked because DG was pretty much ok with the whole thing — hence, no pill needed. Or so I thought.

Doc: “Oh, no. We talked about it being used in combination with the gas.”

Oh no we didn’t.

Doc: “What does it say on the envelope [containing the pill]?”

Me: “It doesn’t say anything…I guess I should have called to double check.”

(God, I hate when I apologize or take the blame to make other people feel better. Stupid! It just comes out before I can stop myself.)

He looked at me like I had two heads and responded in a way that seemed (to me) like I was pushing for him to go ahead and do the procedure anyway. “It would be too much for her with only the gas,” he said a second time. I agreed with him a second time. I get it, doc, okay??! You think I want my kid to be in pain?!

Good thing I mentioned this in the first place because no one bothered to ask us whether she had taken the pill at all!

Anyway, next week I’ll take a day off of work to take her in all properly valiumed up.

After we left the doctor’s office, The Ex told me that he had heard exactly what I did when we received the instructions a few weeks ago. Phew. I’m not losing my mind after all. Maybe my sense of humor, but not my mind.




4 thoughts on “Laughing matter

  1. T says:

    Ha! That is hilarious! They come up with the funniest stuff sometimes!

    My little one has to go in next Friday to have 3 crowns put on. Apparently her teeth didn’t calcify correctly in utero. (Great. Something else I have to take responsibility for.) So, they have to put her under… UGH!! But they are calling them “princess crowns” so she’s not nearly as scared as I am.

  2. My daughter, thankfully, has amazing teeth. I say thankfully because she can’t handle anything medical. She got sick after they put the sealant on her molars – she thought all her blood would come out when she had blood taken. She is an actress to the Nth degree!

    I have to take all those drugs too before anything big at the dentist.

    And you aren’t loosing your mind!! You are a mom; we don’t loose our minds! 😉

  3. That is hilarious! Kids really do come up with wonderful things to think/say.

    Hopefully all goes well next week. I do the same thing, too… apologize even if it’s NOT my fault. I’ve been trying to get better about it and standing up for myself more and recently I DID–it was amazing. I’m glad The Ex heard the same thing, though. It helps to know you aren’t going crazy.

  4. I don’t even take my kids to the dentist any more because they are not cooperative for me. The Ex does it better. But now that has worn off too and he comes home full of puke and bad language over their behaviour.

    Korey has a couple of cavities and has been referred to another dentist who uses some form of drug to make them more cooperative. I’m leary of it all. Not sure I’m ready to see my son drunk yet.

    Yes, apologizing to make someone feel better…I stopped doing this when I turned forty.

    Good luck to DG and you.

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