This month’s Dinner for One

Single parents, you can check out my latest take (or should I say “take out”?!) in my column, Dinner for One, at The Imperfect Parent.

(Oh, and you can, too, Mom.)



3 thoughts on “This month’s Dinner for One

  1. Great, great article, Susan! Really funny and gut-wrenching. Good stuff! And I’m not even a single parent. (Or any other kind of parent, for that matter. But I was sure the tough-question-asking kid of one.)

  2. Great article, Susan. Congratulations.

    Kids say –and do– the most amazing things. I like to use warped media messages to my advantage. When Fergie came out with her “My Humps” video, I had my (then) 2nd and 4th Grade daughters watch it with me. Then I made fun of it.

    Turns out “My Humps” came on the radio while the girls rode home on the school bus the following week. And guess what? They made fun of it!

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