Best health advice yet

My son asked me this yesterday:

“You know when people get really old, do you think eating lots of chocolate helps them stay alive?”

My response: “I sure hope so.”

Seriously, I think it may work. I’m going to up my intake starting today.


10 thoughts on “Best health advice yet

  1. I love it!!! My daughter would probably contend that being 8.5 is old if that means she gets to eat lots of chocolate (only dark please as it is the most healthy… and she insists on being healthy even when she is eating chocolate!)

    What a smart kid you have!

  2. Exception: I already have ingested enough dark chocolate to keep Hershey’s in business, but if T-Rex is right, I need more! And, yes, despite the fact I’m sure he meant me in the “really old” category, he’s smart and not even 7 yet 🙂

  3. That’s just great, I find this out just as I’m vowing to cut down on the milk in my diet due to my allergies! I may have to think this through a bit, a little sniffles or live to be really old? Hmmm. . .

  4. littlemansmom says:

    I think T-Rex is BRILLIANT…may I add that a beer once in a while may help with the whole preserving outlook! LOL

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