Then and Now: A letter from me to you

Dear Peeps,

May I borrow the term “peeps” from my kids and call you that? Do I even have any peeps – or even a single peep – left after not blogging for a week?!


Well, the last week kind of got away from me, so thanks to those of you for continuing to check in since my last post and return from Chicago. I got back from my trip last Sunday night, spent Monday trying to get organized (and squeezed in a date, too), and then launched into a short-but-crazy work week. (To quote a co-worker on Tuesday morning: “welcome back to the shit storm.” Oy.) I also got a call from the painter I talked to a few weeks earlier and surprise! he was ready to begin painting pratically my whole living space on Thursday! So, I spent Wednesday night taking stuff down and rearranging things, and spent Thursday and part of Friday in a complete mess that looked something like this:

(Note, however, that although we had no seating I had to hook up the TV right away so Drama Girl and T-Rex could go on living. )

The weekend was filled with lots of clean-up, fireworks, picnics, kids stuff, more clean-up, etc., etc.


But that was then and this is now.

But Wait!

I never told you about Chicago, which was way, way back then, so let me recap my trip. In summary, it went like this:

Way Back Then

It was a blast, full of good food and company!

I flew in Thursday the 26th and spent the day with my cousin. We lunched downtown, drove around a bit sight-seeing, then headed to Andersonville, a great artsy neighborhood where he lives. After breakfast the next morning at a place that serves ooey, scrumptious cinnamon buns, he dropped me off at my hotel. I checked my bag and spent a few hours walking around Michigan Avenue.

Before my trip a lot of people asked me if I was going to shop, but I’m not a huge shopper so between visits I instead walked to Millennium Park. What’s in Millennium Park, you ask? Well, all sorts of interesting things…like the cool fountains with the faces of famous Chicagoans on them. Or at least I hear they’re famous.

They spit water out every five minutes or so.

And then there is the bean sculpture-thingamajig.

And the ampitheater and walkway to Lake Michigan.

After tooling around on my own, I took a break in the A/C to do some manuscript editing while I waited for the girls to arrive later that afternoon. They finally made it in after an unexpected 2 hour shuttle ride from O’Hare (note to first-time travelers: take the train instead!) We headed over to Taste of Chicago, a gastronomic feast for native Chicagoans and visitors alike. We sampled all sorts of things Friday night and again on Saturday. I’ll try just about anything (just about), so I was thrilled to partake in a little Sautéed Goat with Plantains from an African restaurant. (I told my one friend, “I have a blog. Of course I have to try the goat so I have something to write about!”) Very tasty, although the teenagers serving it to me were kind of laughing when I asked for it. I don’t know what that was all about. I ate it anyway. It was delish, similar to lamb.

At the festival we caught a bit of Chakka Khan’s and Stevie Wonder’s concerts, although the mix of sun, packed crowds, scavenging seagulls, and food (including the ice cream spilled on my back and hot sauce accidentally dumped on my friend’s shoes) was not for the fainthearted.

On Saturday we went to see the matinee performance of Wicked (wonderful – and I have tix to see it again when it comes here in the fall!) and then over to Navy Pier for dinner and fireworks. All in all, it was a great time catching up with everyone in a great city.

Now (Again)

I still feel like I’m in catch-up mode, especially with this whole manuscript business. I have some interesting things planned later this week, which I promise to blog about (I really will), but in the meantime…

Signed, sealed and delivered, I’m yours,



10 thoughts on “Then and Now: A letter from me to you

  1. What’s up peep!??! hehe I’m still a peep, of course! Looks like that painting thing is fun, argh. I love when my house gets torn apart for home improvements (um just kidding)

  2. Sounds like Chicago was great! That sculpture spitting out water? Fantastic.

    I’ve never had goat, but I’m sure I would try it. Good for you eating it for your blog 😉

    I hope the organization is going well! And…how was the date?

    Glad your back in the blogging land!

  3. littlemansmom says:

    Sounds positively delightful! As much as we missed you and your blurbs…..I’m glad you had a blast and glad you’re home safe and sound! 🙂

  4. curt says:

    still peepin’ here (are there any laws against that?)

    great to hear of your chicago trip (yes, ALWAYS take the CTA….) — great pix.

    glad to hear that you enjoyed “wicked”. I, too, get to experience it with the GF this fall, so it should be interesting.

  5. Hi, Susan– I met you briefly at BlogFest 13 and then even more briefly at Cindy’s shindig a couple weeks ago. I’m commenting today to say: I LOVE ANDERSONVILLE. It’s such a cool little neighborhood! We have friends we visit every year who live in Irving Park, and we always make a special trip out to Andersonville to eat at Hopleaf. Doesn’t look like they were featured at the Taste, but they should be. Phenomenal food coupled with phenomenal beer. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

  6. Thank you, my peeps! I’m so glad you’re still around!

    Danielle, yes, of course I remember you — thanks for stopping by. I didn’t eat at Hopleaf, but look forward to going back to Andersonville and Chicago one day.

    Curt, we won’t talk about your peeping habits. As for Wicked, I really enjoyed it and I think you and GF will, too. The humor and effects alone were worth the (gulp) price of admission — but if you’ve read the novel, which is rather dark, note that the show is a much lighter, sanitized version of the story. I can’t wait to see it again.

    And, Allison, yep, the date went well and we’ve gone out since then!

    By the way, the paint looks lovely. I spruced up the walls from the former “Belgian Waffle” to “Uplifting” – a cheery yellow, accented by a ruby red wall in my living room and kitchen. Looks good, if I say so myself. (Even though, this time, I didn’t paint it myself. It was DEFINITELY worth the price of admission to have someone else do it!)

  7. Jennie: The shit storm got, well, more stormy. And shitty. But it made the week go by fast!

    Ms. Single Mama: A man painting my house was definitely worth all the chaos that came along with it. Now there’s something: man = chaos/disorganization in life. Hmmm. 🙂

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