Please slap me upside the head

If you ever hear me say I’m going to do something like this, ok?

Much appreciated.

PS. Back from Chicago, was a great time. Will post more later.


11 thoughts on “Please slap me upside the head

  1. I’ll tell you what, though, for a person to have so much lack of luck with online dating that they’d do this – makes you think twice about online dating, doesn’t it? (I rail against online dating all the time on my blog, but I haven’t tried the real estate/eBay approach)

  2. It takes all kinds to make the world go round … but you do not seem to be the kind of person that would do that .. I couldn’t see you wearing that suit, either! Ah-hem … what EXACTLY is she selling here … (just kidding).

    Anyway, since someone took the first slap … I’ll be second!

  3. Thank you, my slapper/common sense shakers! It’s good to know you would protect me from Italian magnates who want to buy a little US hootchie-cootchie, along with walk-in closets and upgraded tile work.

    Dadshouse: I know you’re not a fan of online dating as a way to find love, but I know several people who either met their spouses online, or have had long-term relationships as a result. Yay them! Me? I’ve met several nice people online, many forgettable ones, and did have one serious, albeit not as long as I would’ve liked, relationship as a result. (With one of the nice ones, not a forgettable!)I just don’t think you can rule it out. The Ebay approach is in a whole other category, though.

  4. Wow!! I will join the others in a good common sense shaking. Her poor daughters!!

    Glad you had a good time! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Wow! How refreshing. In this day and age, many Stay-at-home-moms are criticized by Feminist as loosing their own identities, and being too self-sacrificing for their children. Here is a paten-leather-high-heel-wearing woman ready to completely disregard the welfare of her 14-year-old child, for a shot at her own happiness. And to sell herself on ebay? Pure marketing genius! My hat is off to that clever “Barbie-esque” real-estate agent. You go girl! I hope you get your European man. (Leaving America shy of one less Barbie-Mommy willing to pimp herself on Craigslist and ignore the selfish demands of her child!)
    Come on Susan…This could SO be you. Right after your frontal lobotomy!

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