Love (and Pizza), Chicago Style

Chicago from Above
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I’m off for a few days to Chi-town, visiting my cousin tomorrow through Friday morning and then my girlfriends for a weekend sure to be filled with lots of talk, laughter, counseling and food (especially seeing that it’s Taste of Chicago this weekend). It’ll be like The Red Tent with shish kabobs, overpriced lemonade and live music from the likes of Stevie Wonder and Chaka Khan.

Let me pause for a moment while you sing, "Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan…"

We’ve been doing this girls get-together for about 4 years now and we all need it for different, yet the same, reasons. There are 5 of us, 4 having known each other since college. A few are going through really tough situations right now, but I know we’ll have a great time, too. I love them dearly; they’ve been a great source of support and friendship to me and I hope I have been to them.

I’m also excited to see my cousin. See, I have a special place in my heart for him. Right after news of my divorce made its way through the family grapevine 6 years ago, he sent me an email out of the blue — we hadn’t really kept in touch much, being 10 years apart and in different cities. Our grandparents were really upset by my news, so he offered to formally come out of the closet as a ploy to divert attention away from my situation! We decided our combined declarations might be too much for everyone’s hearts, but shared a good laugh about it. I will never forget that act of kindness. And he is a lot of fun to hang out with, too.

He’s going to show me his favorite places because I’ve never visited before. Never. Can’t believe that, but I’ve only done an OJ through O’Hare a few years ago. (Um, that would not be the "murder/police chase OJ" or the "busted in Vegas OJ" or the "I’ve done the unthinkable and written a book that someone was ACTUALLY GOING TO PUBLISH before sanity prevailed OJ." I’m talking  the "Hertz running through the airport OJ". And if you never saw the ad, then you’re too damn young to be up this late reading blogs!)

So that’s the scoop. It will be nice to take a break, although it comes at a kind of interesting time. I met someone last weekend, we had a good time and now are trying to work out our next date or two, which normally would have been perfect for this weekend. (Never fear, next week is fine.) And I wasn’t going to take anything resembling a computer, but last weekend I got a letter from one of the agents I queried (but not the one I pitched to). I opened it expecting a big ol’ "REJECT" stamped across the top. Nope, she wants to see my FULL manuscript.


Holy Canoli!

I’ve got some serious touching up to do before I send it out — I’m giving myself about 2+ weeks to get it right. So I’m bringing my laptop to edit in the airport and during a few hours of downtime I might have on Friday. Then again, I may just go get a canoli.

Oh, one last point. I’m kind of disappointed that I won’t be here for the annual Furry convention taking place in the ‘Burgh, which will be going on while I’m gone. Let me tell you, it’s a sight to see — especially because it takes place very close to where I work. Too close. Let’s just say that last year an obese stinky fox followed me into one of those automatic revolving doors in my building. The door goes so slow. Too slow. I was so creeped out I almost threw myself into the glass to make that thing move faster!

Enough rambling, have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Love (and Pizza), Chicago Style

  1. Have a good trip. Chicago is a great city. I love the blues clubs. I got a chance to see Buddy Guy in person at his club on one of my trips.

    Congrats on the manuscript!

    And yes – I remember the OJ/Hertz commercials. I’ll say hi to the furries for you.

  2. curt says:

    chicagoland trip?

    new dating possibility?

    full manuscript request?

    furries in pittsburgh????

    best. blog. entry. ever.

    have fun in chi-town.

    good luck on the new dude (will look forward to hearing the details).

    congrats on the “holy canoli”.

    and, the GF and I will be heading down to oakland on fri night for the WYEP summer concert — so, we’ll have to swing by the convention center on the way to see the furriness….

  3. littlemansmom says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a few wonderful things going on in your life! Good Karma can be a wonderful and rewarding thing…enjoy! You deserve it! 🙂

  4. Isn’t it funny how things seem to come in threes? Girl’s weekend, an encouraging date, and a good response from the agent. Score!!

    Eat some pizza for me, ‘k?

  5. If the furries are back next year, you’re going to have to go hunting with me. I love stalking them (from a safe distance–I don’t think I could do the door thing like you did).

    Have a great time in Chicago and have fun with your very sweet cousin!

  6. Have fun in Chicago! It sounds like it will be a great time. Your cousin sounds like a great guy!

    Congrats on the manuscript request, too! That’s such great news!

  7. I once chased after a girl in Chicago. Not the “I’m coming after you, you better run” kind of chase. More of the “I am falling for you, how can I convince you to fall back at me?” kind of chase. Anyway, it didn’t work out and I forget her name because I ended up falling in love with Chicago instead. Have a great time!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chicago … one of my all time favorite cities. I used to say that if I was seriously loaded with cash I’d have a summer home in Chicago!

    I have a girlfriend there, I need to visit her! I seriously need to visit her!

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