Calling all imperfect parents!

(Hint: That would be all of you parents.)

If you haven’t checked out The Imperfect Parent yet, now is the time. It’s one of my favorite parenting sites because it doesn’t shy away from today’s issues but never loses its sense of humor. As the site’s creators describe, "The Imperfect Parent is an online magazine for parents who want to exercise their mind and read more than articles about diaper rash." Amen to that.

Here’s one more reason for you to stop by:

Dinner for One — my new monthly column on divorce and single parenting!

Yeah, they asked me to be a columnist! And so I did…am…will be. This month: my take on Hollywood’s single moms (and a few dads), especially those on Sunday night TV.

Please check out the site for insightful articles and posts on everything from the funny side of parenting (personal fav: Ask the Angry Baby) to child advocacy to politics to raising special children with special needs to same-sex parents to sex and relationship advice for tired moms and dads. (Amen to you, Mominatrix!)

Now go wash up for dinner and enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Calling all imperfect parents!

  1. hey!!!

    ive been out for a while (i took down fullhandsmom) and just checked back in…your blog looks great! its so pretty!

    im headed out to see the imperfect parent. sounds right up my alley 🙂

  2. Wow, Susan. Just checked out your article on Imperfect Parent. Not only did you make many excellent points, I laughed out loud.

    Great stuff. Thanks also for introducing me to the site. I hate the standard parenting drivel.

  3. Melissa says:

    Aren’t we all imperfect parents. One site that I have recently come across that has helped me share some of my frustrations with others alike is at Single There are so many other single mommas there that experience the risk of dating and their stories that go along with it. It is very empowering to learn that we are not alone. Plus, signing up for the site is Free!

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