To all you papas out there – Happy Father’s Day!

Dad and me 1972; Originally uploaded by onewomanshow

Best wishes to all you dads out there for a relaxing, fulfilling day!

(This doesn’t get you out of helping with the dishes and diapers, though.)

And, Happy Father’s Day to the man who has given me 40 years of love and encouragement to help me become the person I am today. Thanks, Dad.

P.S: I thought this was a great article and tribute to the many variations of “dad” out there and how we might celebrate Father’s Day differently (by R. Todd Erkel for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).


4 thoughts on “To all you papas out there – Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Hey Susan, what a great picture. As far as the dishes I caught a few minutes of the Today show the other day and they were revealing the findings of a study that showed that even in families where both people work the woman does the majority of the home stuff, too…like we needed a study to tell us that.

  2. Thanks, ladies. Andrea – yes, I think it’s adorable, too! If nothing else we’re both smiling and facing the camera :)Kathie – I’m not surprised at all. Let’s hope they didn’t spent a gazillion dollars of grant money on that study. And my dear, young Burgh Baby’s Mom – I will let that one go for now. Fortunately for you my aim and throwing arm has not improved with the vast number of years I have over you. 🙂

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