Complicated, like this

You may remember I put together a nice TV stand back in April or early May. Because I only had a puny, old TV at the time, the stand looked like this:

Well, I bought a swanky new flatscreen TV last weekend, so T-Rex was forced to move his toys away like this:

My dad and I hooked up the new TV, and it went very smoothly, except we found an extra part in the box that looked like this:

In spite of the ominous black plastic with arrows and official-looking “Front” on the piece, we could find no drawing, photo or mention of it in the instructions, nor any compartment that looked like it needed a front, so we ignored it. (Like father, like daughter.)

My parents were nice enough to give me a DVD player they’ve had for a few years but never use. It’s nothing fancy, but, truthfully, this TV is about the fanciest-schmanciest thing I’ll ever buy technology-wise, so I was fine with a no-nonsense DVD player. (Note, too, that my TV’s 32 inches looked pitifully small next to the guy checking out next to me at Best Buy. He was purchasing one at least 52 inches, maybe bigger. Somebody’s trying to make up for a smallish-something-else, I think…)

So this week I got set to hook up the DVD player. First, I looked in my bag of computer/TV-related goodies stashed in my storage room. Don’t ask me why I’ve kept cables and keyboards and mouses from various family members for the last, oh, 10 years, but I have. That mess looked like this:

No surprise it was all useless. (I tossed out most of it, btw.)

Then, I went to Target and erroneously bought this (note to self: read instructions AND look at the back of the DVD player):

I returned it today and bought a colorful bunch of cables. Audio In, Audio Out, yellow, red, white, green, blue. Cables were everywhere and the picture only comes out red. Red. You know I like red, but only where I want it, when I want it. NOT on my TV screen.

So now my TV/DVD hook-up looks like this:

I know it shouldn’t be this complicated, but for some reason it is.


8 thoughts on “Complicated, like this

  1. Sean says:

    Now that’s one sexy teevee! I have a plasma telly and it’s the current love of my life.

    How cute are those little toys? I used to have a Lost In Space robot on my tv unit but eventually moved it to the spare room as I think it may have been a contributing factor to my continuing existence as a single male…but I’ll never get rid of it! Never ever ever!!

  2. curt says:

    susan — if you’d like, I could stop by, get down on my knees, look around behind the DVD and flatscreen, scratch my head and say something that sounds like I know what I’m talking about that we need to do — if that would help.

  3. Jeesh, you sound like me!!

    This is the only part of single motherhood I haven’t mastered… yet. Thank goodness, I have a tech-savvy kid. But still. Keep us in touch about the progress, okay?

    Your parents sound so sweet!!

  4. T says:

    I have a HUGE box of cables, mouses and stuff too. Of course, I was a techie by trade and always thought I’d use them. Now, they’re just taking up space.

    Cool that you got a new TV. Do we REALLY need anything more than 32 inches anyway? I mean, that’s more than enough, right?

    (Trying.real.hard…..…) πŸ˜‰

  5. Sean: Just don’t scare the ladies away by waving your arms and screaming, “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!” Otherwise, you’ll be fine. Ok, maybe stash the robot away for the first few dates…

    Curt: I’m going to look over the instructions once more, but if I can’t figure it out (or buy ANOTHER cable) I’ll take you up on it. I’ve seen your AV hook-up and there are a lot of wires. Somehow you made it all work.

    Single Mom Seeking: Yes, my parents are good to me. My dad and I swear a lot and say things like “Jesus Christ!…”, though, while putting things together. Maybe that means we’re praying together?!

    T: It’s painful even just typing about 32 inches πŸ˜‰

  6. MIke says:

    Great purchase, Susan, congrats.

    The plastic piece that says “front” is to cover the hole on the bottom of the tv if you take the stand off and hang it on the wall. Since you are using your homemade (ok, homeassembled) tv table, you won’t need it. Put it with the instruction booklet and any leftover cables where you’ll know where to find it someday.

    The HDMI cable you bought is for hi-def sources (upscaling DVD players [not yours], Apple TV, X-Box, hi-def cable box, etc.). Take it back to Target, get your $20-$50 dollar back, and order one from Amazon for two-bucks (for when you need one). They’re all the same.

    Now that you have a big tv, if you’re not getting HD channels through your cable (or satellite, etc.) you should. Or, you can buy an HD antenna and get free over-the-air HD channels (I get all 4 networks in HD over the air at a better picture quality than Comcast would give me). But, I do feel like a loser adjusting the rabbit ears for my TV!

    Mike-the-geek, at your service. πŸ™‚

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