My, my, oh MySpace

[Social Networking – Take Two]

Well, I asked for it. I’m searchable now on MyWTF, all right — and getting some interesting friend requests. Hmmm. I suppose I should be flattered, but when a guy with only symbols, no letters, in his screen name contacts me, or a married guy emails me “your hot!!!!!!!!! I’m just not digging it.

If he buys my future book for his wife one day, I might reconsider. Until then I hope she can teach him the difference between “your” and “you’re” and selective use of punctuation.



8 thoughts on “My, my, oh MySpace

  1. Ha! Allison, I’m just waiting for those…mmm, maybe not. And, T, of course you are right, but, really, one or two exclamation points would have sufficed. 😉

  2. All right, now I remember why I was giving up on online dating just before I met Coach (who was a very sweet surprise from A message I received from MyGoodnessFreshMeat:

    “Hi ….. I was just thinking…..its not like you have that look that would charm a pope out of his monastery, or that you’ve gotten that extra figure 8 that would twitch the heads of Prince Charmings, but you look you. You are just beautiful the way you are….[that was nice, thank you] you might not get an Oscar for beauty [uh, is that a compliment?] but you will surely get a nomination for looking like a real woman….
    wow…I shouldnt be bombarding you like these just yet because, you sure deserve a stumble-over respect.”

    You’re right. You shouldn’t bombard me like that. Phew, too much to take in.

  3. Sean says:

    I’ve been on MySpace for almost a year and have successfully avoided having my inbox bombarded by poorly constructed declarations of undying love. There’s always the spam, of course…a never ending stream of friends invites asking me if I want to get laid tonight. I’m always amazed that these spam fembots have actually managed to con men into adding them as friends…usually toothless bearded guys wearing trucker caps with handles like SexyZeke. Then again, I don’t think I should be amazed at all, should I?

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