History happens, no matter what happens

Dear Hillary and Barack,

Thanks for helping this country see that the White House doesn’t have to be the White-Haired White Man House.

You both rock in my book.

Good night.


8 thoughts on “History happens, no matter what happens

  1. Isn’t it amazing. It has surprised me, though, some of the vitriol and hatred I’ve heard spewed about both of them for simply being who they are — a black man and a white woman.

  2. I was thinking last night about my (Deceased) Grandma, about how much she would have enjoyed being able to cast a ballot for a woman. She died a little too soon. I think about elderly people of color who finally get to vote for a man of color. About women who have waited their whole lives for a chance to vote for a woman. I am filled with a sense of awe and incredible gratitude.
    For all its faults, this is a pretty amazing country we live in.

  3. littlemansmom says:

    As a Canadian, I refuse to talk about US politics…. (it dosen’t make for good friends LOL), but as an individual talking about the non-political aspect of things, I think it’s wonderful the world is evolving and growing. You’re right, an older man doesn’t have to be sitting in the chair, and that the battle for that chair is truly between an individual of colour and a woman is fantastic!… I love Mini’s comment and it rings so true, not only for the US, but should ring true for all countries IMHO.

  4. These are, indeed, remarkable times. I just can’t believe it has taken us this long to get here! It’s difficult to understand how many people still place so much emphasis on race and gender. Hmmm. Progress is slow!

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