Lost in Love

Dear Writers of the TV Series Lost:

After watching another season I’m convinced you all are crazier than the look in Benjamin Linus’s eyes.

But that’s why I adore you so.

(Ben, too — oh, how he’s grown on me!…although I’d pass up crazy-eyes any day for a swim with Sawyer. Meow.)

Thanks for another fun, bizarre season.

Best Regards,

PS. As I wrote last year, I still have yet to find my special skill as a potential castaway. I swear I can contribute — please write me into next season!


6 thoughts on “Lost in Love

  1. This show SO has me by the imaginary balls. I can’t believe I have to wait months to get more! My viewing of the finale was slightly hampered by my son aksing a question every…oh…3 seconds: Who is he? What is that? Why is he there? Who’s that kid? Is he dead? I don’t get it. What? Is he a bad guy? What about him? What’s she doing? Is that her son? Why is he there? What numbers? What is burning? What is irony? (this one wasn’t Lost-related, but oh my GOD, I don’t have time for this now!) Where did it go? Why are you pulling out your own hair?

  2. My family is crazy about this show, as well. My son had to watch it last night with the volume on low because my daughters had final exams today and can’t watch it until this evening. I hope they make it through the day without someone spoiling it for them!

  3. OH. MY. GOSH. We just watched it last night and WOW. Those writers are just freaking insane. Possibly more than Ben. (He’s growing on me too, I have to say. I love his sarcasm, like when Jack pointed a gun at him and he was all ‘Nice to see you too, Jack.’) I totally called it a year ago who was in the casket. WOO!

  4. Ladies: I’m glad I’m in such good company.

    Gina: I empathize with you and all the “why” questions. With that show, there are so many questions, so few answers. So much time trying to get a child to just be quiet…

    Mini: My goodness! My effing goodness! Who are these writers?!! Are they witches?

  5. Sean says:

    I absolutely love Lost and this season has been one of the best. Unfortunately it seems the Australian television audience have given up on it. It’s been shifted to a late night timeslot due to poor ratings. I can’t say I’m surprised seeing that our top rating shows here are usually lazy remakes of US ‘reality’ shows. I think it’s also because folks lack the patience to stick around for the answers…that’s a shame though as they are missing one of the best written and most inventive television shows I’ve seen in years.

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