First date and the horse’s ass

Friday night I did something many of my friends and coworkers thought unthinkable: I met people I DIDN’T KNOW for dinner — a group of moms who blog in or around our dear city. (Or is it a group of bloggers who happen to be moms?)

Get. Out. People you don’t know?!

Well, call me crazy — and I know you will — but I had no hesitation in meeting this group. I mean, why would I? At worse it would be a boring, awkward hour or so and we’d all come up with excuses about relieving babysitters at home to duck out of there. But, as I suspected (and, believe me, dating over the last 5 years has taught me to trust my gut… especially a nauseous one), it was one of the best first dates I’ve ever had. I mean, how could it not be? We had:

– cool people who like to blog (yes, I included me in that statement…remember: cuhraaaazeee)

– presents from Gina — including horse’s ass chocolate from the only store around to carry it, Gene & Boots. Way to go, Gina! (Oh, I guess I should tell you the chocolate was in honor of all the male horse’s behinds we left behind for the evening. It wasn’t applicable to me, but I gladly took one anyway.)

– slices of carrot cake large enough to feed a third world nation (note to Moms everywhere: I did not clean my plate on that one; I was glad to stop at 4 bites — GLAD I say)

– an inept waiter we all secretly prayed our sons will never grow up to be

– Genuine laughter and great stories. Even ones that — gasp! — did not involve our children!

Look, mom bloggers get a bad rap. Yes, some of us primarily write about our kids; some of us write about other things. What this first “date” reminded me of is that, in fact, Jen, Irene, Allison, Karen, Gina, Kim, Burgh Baby’s Mom (ha, but I know her identity) and A Tornado (uh-huh, know her name, too) are interesting, well-rounded, hilarious women. We’re defined by many things in our lives — including our children but also our friends. Call me crazy, but I think we’ll go out again.

PS. Since Blackhorse and the Cherry Tree was such a hit, I think I’ll send KT Tunstall the title of this post and see what she can come up with.

PPS. OK, look, you guys — just because you’re cool, technologically savvy, photo happy, better organized and posted about our gathering well before now (and you didn’t have to steal a photo from the others) DOES NOT make me a horse’s ass. Much.



10 thoughts on “First date and the horse’s ass

  1. It took you long enough. 😉

    It was a good first date, no doubt about it. Meeting y’all certainly met, even exceeded, expectations. Like Allison said, we all rawk!

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