Great way to start the weekend

As part of my site redesign, Cindy of Big Big Design (and our blogging friend at My Brilliant Mistakes) hooked me up with all sorts of nifty analytics tools to track traffic coming to and going from One-Woman Show. I’m telling you – HOURLY stats, y’all. (Like I need to become more obsessive.) Anyway, I’m avoiding diving into an *URGENT* PowerPoint presentation — a great way to spend a workday before the long weekend — and just checked my stats. One search term in particular stood out and apparently puts me first in Google results:

fat and sick single mother dating site

Alrighty then.

Hey, have a great holiday weekend. I’ll be meeting some fellow bloggers for dinner tonight, hanging around with my kids, editing my first three chapters of my book so I can get that out to the agent next week, and just trying to relax. T-Rex and Drama Girl keep buggin’ me about the pool opening on Monday. It’s like 52 degrees right now. Ah, to have the optimism and resistance to cold of the young …


6 thoughts on “Great way to start the weekend

  1. soggy in north huntingdon (steve) says:

    Isn’t it a heated pool?

    I must say, your blog gets hits from the most interesting search terms. Your next ‘contest’ should be to come up w/ the most interesting search terms (clean) that found your web site…

    Have a great long weekend and push the pp presentation off as long as you can.. finally no rain for a few days!


  2. Soggy S: Even if the pool IS heated, it feels way too cold to even think about gettin’ in the water! And, believe me, I love to swim. We’ll see if the weather improves as they say…

    btw, I like the contest idea 🙂

  3. Single Mom Seeking and Dad’s House:

    Ok, you win. I guess it isn’t so bad to be fat, sick and single. 😉

    Terry: if my daughter starts asking me for dating advice I’ll cry. (But glad to know I can come to you!)

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