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Forget all that sappy stuff I wrote in my earlier post about Mother’s Day.

Holy mother of madness.

That’s all I can say about this one.

Pregnant for more than 11 of her 41 years? Does she just burp and they fall out? Would it have been so bad to pick a different letter for each of the kids’ names, rather than the same one? They’d make it through at least one round of the alphabet, maybe more at the rate they’re going.

Okay, each to his own, but the idea of more than 2 kids, no less 18 kids, in my house arguing about Pokemon cards and TV shows and homework and who’s going to take a shower first and so-and-so’s bothering me and when can I drive the car — AND trying to remember their freakin’ names — makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I know they believe it is God’s will to keep having children, and that’s fine, but methinks God may be out running heavenly errands at Walgreens and has lost count Himself. Well, hey, best of luck to them. Hopefully she’ll at least get breakfast in bed tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “Filed under the “Yeah, I don’t think so” category

  1. Jen says:

    I believe all the kids are home schooled by the mom. I can’t even imagine. My two alone would drive me over the edge! God bless them!

  2. What’s scary is that it sounds like their home is quieter than ours. With everyone busy doing their chores, who has time to fight over a ball bounced {maliciously} in the wrong direction?

  3. Have you looked at their family website? That’s where they truly frightened me. Too clean, too organized, too amazing. The kitchen is just plain WOW. (I was going to link to it, but it looks like they sold their souls to the Discovery Channel and now the url goes there instead. The photos I looked at on Friday aren’t there any more. BOO!)

  4. MinivanBohemian says:

    No. No. No. Not burps and they fall out…She FARTS and they fall out!
    Oh. Sorry can I say “fart” on your blog?
    Happy (to have 16 less) Mother’s Day!

  5. Jen, Writesome and Burgh Baby’s Mom: Yes, I do recall that the kids are homeschooled, and that there house is peaceful, quiet, organized and clean. They must be aliens.

    Minivan Bohemian: I give you permission to say “fart” (excuse me, FART in all caps) here on my blog. I’ll return the favor one of these days šŸ™‚

  6. curt says:

    bob — nice!

    hearing about this, I think about all of the couples out there who can’t have any kids of their own. how do these people afford having enough kids to basically field their own baseball team with backups?

    what a weird world it is.

  7. Hey Susan, I try not to be judgemental, but alas, I think I am. I just creeps out sometimes, so I’m sorry, I really am. So, yes those people are nuts. Even if they spawned ten of their own kids, they could adopt another ten. Something is bizarre there and they’re doing more than allowing God to determine the number of kids they produce, they’ve got him tied up in the closet, waving dirty diapers under his nose until he gives them another.

  8. Oh, Susan, I’m joking. That comment I made seems so hateful when I see it there, staring back at me. I imagine a phone call from the mom. “Um, Shoop, hey, uh, you made that nasty comment about my family on that blogsite and well, I just want to let you know it hurt my feelings. Especially the God part…” And I’d forever feel bad. But, still.

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