Puttin’ on the Ritz

I woke the kids up a little before 7 today. T-Rex pretended like he didn’t hear me and kept on sleeping. Drama Girl stirred a little, letting out an “Mmmm” from under her mop of hair. Not the kind of Mmmm that said, “Thanks, Mom! I’d love to get ready for school!” but a guttural “Get outta my face, lady, before I wipe that coffee-charged smile off your lips” like The Creature in Young Frankenstein.

For a half hour she refused to address me with anything but a growl. Then, right as we were leaving the house, she gave me a hug and began speaking in human again.

Yeah, I think the teenage years will be a piece of cake.


8 thoughts on “Puttin’ on the Ritz

  1. Wow. I don’t even want to think about that yet.

    At this point, they usually wake me up! My little one is so funny… she always comes in with her blanket and thumb in her mouth underneath her hair. I never see her face until its breakfast time. They both have to have a good snuggle before starting their day. I love that about them.

  2. My two sons are grown and away at college and I miss what Tonya was talking about. I hate to break it to you, but the teen years are the scariest, most difficult years. They make you yearn for when they were little and you actually had at least a little control and didn’t have to worry every time they left the house or got in a car or opened their mouth. It’s really tough when they tower over you. I’ve actually had one pick me up and set me down next to the door, so I wouldn’t bug him and he could leave. They are terrific boys, though, now that they are no longer teenagers. Although, I do miss that era sometimes. Teenagers do have their good moments. Although, sometimes few and far between. 🙂 Oh, and getting up, getting ready for school, making their breakfast and lunch has been their responsibility since they were around 8 years old even though I worked at home. Then my biological boys, the rest of the herd and I would walk to school, drop off the ones who belonged there and then the little ones and I would head home. I miss it.

  3. Madame Queen, Tonya and Lisa: I find my kids are in an interesting stage right now, especially Drama Girl — still young enough to snuggle on the sofa or to let me kiss them good-bye at daycare, but old enough to act like bigger kids they see on TV…and not always in the best way!

  4. My girl mumbles alot and takes blind swipes with her arm in a vain attempt to shoo me away. As she is only 6, I can usually bribe her with a quarter. hmmm … how many quarters does it take to bribe a teenage girl out of bed at 7am?

  5. Andrea says:

    I totally like your daugther growing up. I still have those growling tendencies, but thank god there’s coffee now.

  6. All stages have their good moments and not so good moments, but I treasured them all…….well, most of them, anyway. I taught nursery school by day and acted and danced at night before the kids. Then I ran a Childcare in my home for almost 20 years in order to stay home with my kids. Hence the reference to my kids as “the biological boys” in my last post. I realized after I read it that it might sound weird. I’ve always loved the stage from birth to about 5 best. Everyone’s different, though. One of my acting buddies and Mom of 2 of my daycare kids LOVES the middle school years. She teaches drama and writing to middle schoolers. She’s got a gift. We used to joke about trading kids with whoever really enjoyed a certain age group. Somehow, most of us manage to make it through until they are adults. They still mess up after that. I’m 50 and I still do. : )

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