Q: How many parents does it take…

…to operate a concession stand?

A: Uh, is this a trick question?

At 8:00 this morning I arrived at the soccer fields for my assigned parent-volunteer “booth duty.” You might recall I’m not exactly a morning person, but I felt relatively energetic as five other parents and I opened up the concession stand. While Drama Girl played her game, we brewed horribly strong coffee with water we pumped from the well, began grilling hot dogs and kielbasa, and fed young children Doritos and Gatorade, the breakfast of champions.

My job was the best, though: I got to empty an institutional-sized can of nacho cheese into the crockpot. Nothing like that smell to shake the sleep out of your system.

We had absolutely no idea as to what we were doing, but shared quite a few laughs. The only bummer was that I missed DG scoring a goal. I was probably too busy scooping out particles floating in the water cooler before they ended up in the coffee pot.

Trust me, picking up a $4.00 mini-tall-mocha-espresso-skinny-latte-yada-yada on the way to the game is worth every penny.


3 thoughts on “Q: How many parents does it take…

  1. I worked a hot dog stand at Pitt football games a few times for charity, and it was kind of fun every time. But it’s definitely not the way to watch a game. Too hard to watch and keep up with the orders.

  2. And I missed you – guess your kids games were earlier than min – but atleast you only had to do 1 hr – Remember – I had the entire morning as the “Manager” of the stand from 8:15a-12:45p!!!!!!!! And I still have to do my “hour” in 2 weeks! Stop by and see me – LOL!

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